somehow, i got lucky and connected >.< with a Banana Republic sales rep on his last day. i was purging myself with retail therapy, going through rough times. he just didn’t care anymore. anyway, a bag that was supposed to be $400, i got for i don’t even want to tell you how much, it was so ridiculous. i also got 5 pairs of 4-inch heels and some clothes, but that’s besides the point…the bag is HUGE. and heavy…because just like inside me, my external me is always collecting even more baggage to deal with and process and so I’m of the OverSized Leather Handbag Club (started by Trina Turk and Aaneta).

inside my bag, i always carry: 2 shades of Arbonne lip plumper, Arbonne Ginger Citrus lotion, 4 Wet Naps, xanax, aleve, a bound notebook, a planner, band aids, BlackBerry, two ink pens, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant stick (don’t tell my Arbonne sponsor!!), my point & shoot digicam, my wallet, a personalized mint can full of hair accessories, my business cards and my HRT. and, i pick up several things throughout my day when i leave the house…eharm3.jpg

generally i come back with paperwork from doctors, appointment cards, info for new meds, receipts, and whatever other paperwork or general things i may accumulate. and yes, one shoulder always hurts more than the other.