Not Goth, 34, Los Angeles, USA (Co-Founder/Moderator of Thirty Voices)
I’m 34, British and for the last six years I have lived in Los Angeles – I came here on a whim six years ago from London and for the most part I haven’t looked back. I now live in a more mellow coastal suburb of Los Angeles County with my boyfriend and cat. I love Los Angeles and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else really – after all its the “city where no one belongs”.

Stacy Jil, 34, Chicago , USA(Co-Founder/Moderator of Thirty Voices)
I’m a 34 y.o. pop culture junkie. I love anything entertainment related (movies, music, people, etc). I devour magazines and popular websites and love my Tivo (best invention of this century!) I love sports. I play volleyball and softball on a regular basis. I have lived in many places (London, Los Angeles, San Francisco) and am always intrigued about meeting and learning about new people and cultures. I moved back to my hometown of Chicago in 2005 and it has been a big culture shock in many ways. It’s interesting to come back to the place you grew up where people and places seem to have stayed the same, but life has really gone on without you. I have three gorgeous nephews whom I intend spoiling now that I’m working again! 🙂 I am also proud to say that I am an organ donor. I gave a kidney to my father in 2002 and since then he is recovered from his illnesses and him and my mom are now living the way they should be, happy and free in their 50s. You can check out more about my writing, etc on my website:

Amanda, 36, Hong Kong
My name is Amanda and I am a secondary educator from the US. At the moment I am living in Hong Kong and working in a for-profit educational setting.
I grew up in Northern California and had a pretty regular life. I went to school, went to school some more, and ended up with a degree in American History, a minor in Spanish and a master’s in Geography. All of this combined with my natural inclination to travel led me all over the place and eventually Asia.
I live in a very user friendly place, which is helpful seeing as I do not speak Chinese and was, at least initially, quite ignorant of Asian culture. It is coming to me now. I have no idea what my future plans are but for now that is okay, after all I am only 36, right?


Amy, 33, Germany.
My name is Amy and I originally grew up between the central coast and northern California. I say between not as in a physical location, but as in Mom lived down south and Dad lived up north. Basically I grew up floating between a small town and the big city. I now live in a small village in the middle of Germany. The biggest thing I miss most from home is the beach. (Missing my family is of course a given.) I love shells, sunsets and feeling the sand between my toes. Lying in the sun gives me a sense of accomplishment, maybe because it is one of the best ways to relax. I am very happily and recently married. I will become a mother very soon. I enjoy well told stories, Mexican food, writing, traveling, music, dancing, making new friends, cooking, trying new restaurants, laughing, hiking, swimming, interesting design, real diet coke, sunshine, chocolate chip cookies and learning to name just a few things, but not necessarily in that order. I have to say I really love this wild ride that is my life.


Roxanne, 39, South Dakota, USA
Midwestern born and bred, I’m a happy-go-lucky just-turned-39-year-old. I’m expecting my last year of 30-something to be extraordinary.
I am mother to three beautiful girl children, 18, 15, and 13, one fabulous black cat, Jessie, and two precocious tweeting parakeets whose names are far too complicated to ever remember. My interests include photography, philosophy, anything creative and artsy, and most recently, decorating and remodeling my new home. Not long ago I started some cooking classes and I’m having a blast! As anyone, I’ve had my trials, tribulations, ups and downs, but my 30s have been my decade of getting to know who I am, and what I want for my life; ensuring that in the end, I know I did all I could to be the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled individual I could be! After all, isn’t that what living is all about?

Angie, 30, Los Angeles, USA
I am a writer, a photographer, a mother who shared her son with adoptive parents yet keeps contact. I am a lover of most things, I am passion, I am the flash in your eye at 3 a.m. I am a cancer survivor, a hysterectomy recipient, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a girlfriend, a best friend, a lover, a dog walker, an internetaholic, an accountant…I am Angie. I am 30. I am more than the sum of these things.

Anna, 38, West Yorkshire, UK
I’m a full time mother to Kate, 5 & Holly, 2, plus I manage to squeeze in being an Avon lady, the odd bit of housework & countless cups of tea. I’ve just come out of severe post natal depression & am re-discovering that the world is a wonderful place 🙂 I love reading, bookcrossing, writing, taking photos & being with my children. Oh, and I’m married to Andy 🙂

Erica, 34, London, UK
Erica is a cultural hybrid, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, brought up under a traditional Chinese upbringing, alternately eating cha-siu bao and hamburgers. As a girl, she dreamed about horses, drawing, letter writing, while delighting in afternoon episodes of “Monkey!” and “Robotech”. Erica, and her family, emigrated to Los Angeles, and at the tender age of 11, found herself wrestling with identity politics, class difference, culture shock, high school fashionistas, and the loss of the Aussie accent. She holds a BA in Studio Art, with a minor in Psychology, a MA in Asian American Studies, and is a published writer and exhibited artist. After 19 years in LA, she moved continents again, and is noodling about with fusing her trainings in photography and digital/internet technology. Erica is also a senior practitioner of traditional Thai Yoga massage and heads Melt Therapy.

Helen, 34, Chicago, USA
I live in the suburbs of Chicago and work as a full-time mom. I was born to Chinese parents in Lawrence, Kansas, where I grew up. I attended Wellesley College and Columbia University before embarking on a career as an entertainment/lifestyle journalist. In 2002, disillusioned by Hollywood and the magazine industry, I started a pet-sitting business. I closed it when my son was born in 2005 to focus on motherhood. I love to read (anything, especially Jane Austen, science fiction and poetry), gripe about politics and go to soccer games (go Chicago Fire!). I live with my brilliant attorney husband Stuart, my son, two cats, a bird and a fish.


Janet, 37, United Arab Emirates
I have always adored schools and learning which is why I became a teacher. I like to think that I help my students learn, but I think they teach me as much or more. I was born in Oregon in 1970, grew up in the Seattle area, and remained in Washington until my 30th birthday when my husband Mark and I went to China to teach English. Since then life has become a lot more interesting because now the world has become a place of learning. Currently we teach at United Arab Emirates University in their bridge program.

Janna, aka HappilyEvenAfter, 35, Seattle, USA
30 Somethings About Me: (1) I wear red clogs. (2) I’m in two book clubs. (3) I sailed 17,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean on a 35’ sailboat for my honeymoon. (4) I’m a white American woman. (5) I’m a travel addict. (6) Since breastfeeding, my nipples have gone cross-eyed. (7) The number 9 makes me happy. (8) I’m in love with WORDS. (9) Sappy TV commercials make me cry. (10) So does country music. (11) I call my daughter the Bungle of Joy because sometimes I feel like I’m just bungling through this Mom Thing. (12) Sometimes I go 3 days without showering. (13) I have a dirty mind. (14) I’m straight but I know sexuality is a continuum. (15) I’m addicted to audiobooks. (16) Sushi is my favorite food. (17) I married the dreadfully charming Mr. Right after a Harry-Met-Sally history. (18) I was a philosophy major. (19) Snappin’ Apple bubble gum makes my breath stink like marijuana. (20) I pick my nails. (21) Sometimes I’m uncomfortable with my upper-middle-class privilege. (22) I used to be an English teacher. (23) Road trips make me feel free. (24) The toughest—and most rewarding—thing I’ve ever done is Teach For America. (25) My dog Scout saved my life. (26) Licking an oboe reed gives me the shivers. (27) I’m writing a travel memoir called The Motion of the Ocean: Sex, life, and love on the high seas. (28) Telemark skiing is the most graceful thing I do. (29) The dorkiest thing I do is read while walking the dog (and if it’s dark, I wear a headlamp). (30) Once, tarot cards accurately predicted my entire life. (31) My Girlfriends are my silliness and my sustenance. (32) I’m a feminist. (33) I’m madly in love with my husband. (34) I blog about committed 30-something life at “Happily Even After.” (35) Writing makes me feel toe-ticklingly ALIVE.

Kasia, 33, London, UK
I’m Polish born and bred. Growing up, I wanted to be an archaeologist but my dad quickly dissuaded me from it. He thought that I’d end up digging in a desert with a tea spoon and a lion would come and bite my behind off! Instead, I settled for a job of a high flying (literary) sales executive with a large media company. I spent a lot of time on airplanes roaming up and down Eastern Europe. I’m 33, happily single. For last 7 years I’ve lived and worked n London.

Lola, 32, Seattle, USA
By the time my 30s rolled around, I assumed my life would follow the general outline of my parents – get married, buy a house, have kids and live happily ever after. Instead, I find myself single and living in a rented house with two other 30-something friends. And I couldn’t be happier. I was married for five years, most of it good times. Obviously, I went into my marriage expecting it to last. But when it fell apart, I decided to take a jump. I quit my job, moved out of the Midwest – away from friends and family – and relocated to Seattle. I joined an adult kickball team. And helped start a Beer Club in the off-season. I found a job. And I’ve embraced my single life – I blog about dating for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. When I’m not out on a date, I’m hanging with my girlfriends. I have a freedom and spontaneity to my days that I’ve never had before. Life isn’t what I expected. And it certainly isn’t my parents’ life. But if this is what being 30-something is for me, I’m going to enjoy every minute.


Marissa aka cateyes, 31, Venice, USA
Some call me ditzy. Others call me ‘mad’ Marissa or even just weird. I confess, I’m original, but because I’m a dreamer who believes that anything and
everything is possible. I’m a bit hippie-trippy. Not a tree-hugger though. I go by the names M, Marisse, Ris, Reesa or Rissa. I’m a writer who loves to sing, dance and giggle. I also haven’t come to terms with the fact that I’m no longer a school girl and it’s unbecoming for a woman in her 30s to play kiss-chase with the opposite sex. Pity. It’s a lot of fun… Psst. Have you been to my blogsite – Run Marissa Run?

Melissa F.
Melissa F., 35, Sydney, Australia
I’m 35, Filipino-American and now live in Sydney. When I was little,I wanted to grow up to be a journalist (I thought I could be the next Connie Chung), but I somehow ended up working in IT. I love science fiction, probably not the classical kind of sci-fi but Philip K Dick and Haruki Murakami. I’ve been told that over the phone I sound like a blonde, but I’ve never been a blonde and am not sure if the comment was a compliment or not. I’ve also been told that I can be a bit intimidating, but I can’t believe it. I love music from the 1980’s and refuse to get rid of my vinyl collection, even though it’s incredibly heavy and has moved with me from place to place. I research charity’s spending habits before I donate to them. I own a $10 ikea table as my dining table and find myself constantly putting away money for my next holiday.

Melissa M.
Melissa M., 34, Turkey
I’m a 34-year-old American musician and blogger, currently living on the Turkish riviera. I came here via a six-year stint in England and a meandering path all around Europe. Sushi, vodka, traveling on a shoestring— these are a few of my favourite things. My life is a series of culture shocks (usually me shocking them), and I aim to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can. I blog over at

Melissa, 38, Atlanta (for now), USA.
I’ve worked as a teaching assistant, software implementor, professional organizer and ultimately I ended up becoming a personal coach (a.k.a life coach). Professionally it’s been a long, fuzzy logic sort of route. The coaching business has me writing more than I did as a grad student in the Penn State MFA writing program, and I’ve learned more about business as a solopreneur than when I worked in the corporate world. Surprise, surprise. I’m mom to two cats and a dog, and have been with my partner, Tim, for six years. I love lists, knitting, reading brainy fiction, and making soup. In the spring of 2008, I’ll be moving to the south of France.


Monica, 37, Colorado Springs, USA
When I turned 30 I would have told you that in 10 years I’d still be living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, raising my 3 kids and doing the same old, same old. I was wrong – at 31 my family (husband and 3 kids) moved to Colorado Springs, CO and next year – at 37 – I’ll be moving to Thailand! I have been married for 15 years to a fantastic fellow. I am a mom to 1 teenage boy, a tween girl and an 8 year old boy, we have 3 dogs, how that happened I’m not sure – I’m not a dog person. I write about this move and some of the day to day at Transplanting Me.

Penny, 34, Berkshire, UK
I’m a 34 year old career girl – I’m in IT Sales and, more by luck than judgment, have worked myself into a reasonable role and salary. I do however work to live – I firmly believe that one should embrace life’s pleasures by which I mean travel, time with friends, some drinks, some food and not a little loafing. However, I’ve now given up many of these pleasures (and am on borrowed time for the rest) to have my first baby. I married my second husband (yep, I managed to fit a fair bit into my twenties) on December 8th last year and was pregnant 5 days later. We were always planning to try for a baby this year but had assumed it would take while – 6 or 9 months perhaps. Finding out that I was pregnant before we’d seen in the New Year came as a bit of a surprise although a very happy one. I realise I may sound like one of these scary Alpha Mummies who work like trojans, pop their first baby out between meetings and call their boss from the delivery room. Or, even worse, one that quits work and channels all their energy into child rearing and forces their kid into learning the piano, ballet, four languages and Kumon maths whilst turning out tray after tray of home baked muffins. I am not that person. I’m excited but nervous about the huge changes ahead. I hope I can entertain you by sharing some of those feelings.


Ruth, 37, Los Angeles, USA
Writing has been a part of my life since I learned to shape the letters of the alphabet, and yet when it comes time to compose a bio – or autobio, as it is – I get stubborn. “I don’t want to climb into any box of my own creation,” she says from the box du jour. What does it look like today?
I’m 37 and eleven twelfths, old enough to know that every twelfth matters. I no longer flinch when people call me Ma’am instead of Miss. I’ve stopped plucking my gray hairs, and I sometimes let the white roots show for inches before I get around to parking my hips in the salon chair. I love people watching—am often fighting the impulse to mock, but more often embracing the urge to dote. Deep down I hold the belief that we
are all one. Someday I’ll get better at writing about it. In the meantime, I earn a living 2 blocks from the Pacific Ocean at the western edge of the western world in a boutique where commercials and music videos are finished. I’m lucky enough to be in love with my best friend – who’s an amazing father to our only dependent, Lily cat.

Sage, 30, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Born and raised in the cornfields of Midwestern America I always thought I’d escape forever into the great wide world – and on some level I accomplished this mission. But after years of travel and adventure, responsibilities drew me back to Iowa. Years passed and time slipped by while I was busy doing the proverbial “other things.” As much as I’d like to describe myself as a writer, nonprofit fundraiser, wife, lover, and friend – life had other plans and I find myself now mainly classified as an ovarian cancer survivor of two years.

Shelley, 35, Iowa, USA
I’m 35, and I live in rural Iowa. I grew up in a small town that I dreamed of leaving. And at 18 I did leave, for just over 12 years.
Now I’m back and trying to carve a place for myself within my family, my community, and the world in general. I’m so very excited to be joining this project! I really look forward to getting to know everyone – including myself.

Jenifer, 33, New York , USA
My family moved all over the US when I was young, and now I am happily married to a Science Fiction writer and settled in New York! I left the
corporate world to raise my two young children, and I spend any leftover time reading, doing freelance work, blogging, painting and making jewelry.


Nadine, 33, North Queensland, Australia
I’m the second daughter of a cloistered rainforest dweller and a linedancing workaholic. Mother of two crazy kids, both boys, eleven and one and partner of one big spunky redheaded man. I giggle too much when I talk. I feed everybody pancakes. I’m fiesty but loveable. I love to kiss and cuddle. I have a chicken in my laundry. I’d love to travel Australia in a Toyota Coaster and learn sign language. I love Nutella and 1000 threadcount sheets. I’m great at making fires.


Disa, 32, Louisville, USA
My brother and I were born in South Africa, and quickly familiarized ourselves with suitcases, packing boxes, and airport lounges that would become the symbols of our childhood. My parents made their careers out of turning our lives upside down by crossing international borders every few years including; Namibia, Holland, England, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (not military, diplomats, missionaries, or even fugitives; the more obvious answer of ‘dentist with exceptionally itchy feet’). While my brother has sublimated his developmental experiences into a career as a pilot, I have careered into restlessness. This is evidenced by an accumulation of certificates from various academic institutions, waiting to be framed and hung on the wall (but in actuality sit in oversized envelopes collecting dust).


Jenn, 38, Belarus
I’m 38 and find myself in unfamiliar territory. Until Belarus, Scott and I were what they call “DINKOD’S” (dual income, no kids, one dog). I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, but am not able to work on the local economy, so I find myself for the first time in my life, out of my element. This is a huge transition for me. My days are 100% my own. I spend a lot of time surfing the web and have always wanted to write so a blog seems like the logical answer. I’ve started a blog to chronicle my journey for my family and friends called Learning to Walk in Stilettos. I enjoy cooking, knitting, genealogy and reading.