As the curtain falls on this project/experiment/challenge/call to action, I am looking back at Thirty Voices with immeasurable gratitude; to everyone who contributed and especially to Clare and Stacy who made it happen and stuck with it.

Thank You.

Because of this project I took the time to really think about my writing… what inspired me, tired me, wired me. I got motivated to finally put all of my disparate ramblings together and actually put a blog out there that I feel proud of and compelled to continue.

Because of this project I have new people in my life that I think about on a very regular basis and feel connected to in very real ways regardless of distance, difference, diffidence.

One year down the road I have seen a lot of changes and made a lot of changes and feel just that much more ready to take on whatever comes my way. I am not sure how much of that has to do with any one thing in particular, but I am sure that somehow the convergence of events in my life that has included Thirty Voices undoubtedly contributed to this sense of well being. Older? You bet. Better? Uh-huh. Wiser? I guess we will see…

I would like to be able to echo the sentiments of all the writers who answered this post before me and so to avoid redundancy I will say, ‘I second that emotion…’ and sign off.


Amanda, still blogging here in Hong Kong


Thanks Janna, for your book review. I too have been exposed to Hayden’s concepts, have yet to read his book cover to cover, but his breakdown (as well as ways of apology) certain give fodder for thought.

I’ve recently picked up a back issue of a favoured literary journal: Granta. It’s a quarterly magazine of new writing, filled with honed, precise, oftentimes understated short story pieces, plus a photograph spread. Each issue is thematic, and I’m reading #95 “Loved Ones”. A rather apt topic considering my nostalgic mood these days. In Granta, I have found some of the most profound, digestible, and lucid morsels of writing ever.

Little known fact: despite my love for this journal, I have been rather stingy towards my writer self, and never picked up a subscription to it. Oh a subscription would make me very happy, but why is it that I don’t allow myself this small luxury? For less than thirty quid, I could get 4 home delivered issues per year. And yet, I do not indulge.

So a question I’ll throw out there to my fellow 30 Voices contributors is:

What personal luxury do you allow (or not allow) for yourself, and why?

Erica, 34, London UK