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I typed my whole God Damned (“RUTH ELIZABETH!” my mom used to chastise when I’d “take the lord’s name in vain”.) . . . I typed my whole God Damned Last Post a couple weeks ago.  And while I was editing it, my computer overheatedand shut down before I could save the data.   (more…)


When I was about 10 years old, my best friend “B” who lived kitty-corner across the street and I took command of a box of brownie mix. We decided it would be a great thing to stir up the batter and eat it all raw: the whole batch. Just the two of us. No sharing with any of her sisters.

It was a good idea in theory. Oh we finished it. I don’t remember being in pain, per se. But let’s just say, we never got the urge to do that again.

Yeah. That’s what happened the other day at work when (more…)



When I was 19, I had a drug related nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital for 10 days. I wasn’t physically addicted to anything, but the drugs I had been taking caused 4 days of insomnia which in turn, drove me absolutely out of touch with reality. I was the crazy girl walking through the student union in her pjs & bare feet. Yep, that was me. (more…)


Last night, I had the warmest interaction ever with an automated voice over the telephone. Domino’s has perfected the art of – I don’t even know what to call it – robots? The machine that took my order had an upbeat & cheerful male voice. Maybe you’ve heard it yourself? When I spoke my four-digit coupon code, he-it said, “Okay. Got it!” and read back the details of the coupon to me. He sounded exactly like the perfect employee except he didn’t need time to think. He just rattled off his end of the conversation with speedy precision, courtesy and the proper amount of casualness so as not to sound like an android. Even though, technically, he is an android – if “phone appearance” counts, and in my book it does. I was 80% astonished and 20% mortified. Torn between thinking: “What a nice guy,” and Wow, this is a machine making me feel like I’m talking to a nice guy.”

When I set out to call, I’d been looking forward to talking to someone in India. For a while there (yes, we phone for pizza that often), the automated dude would start taking the order and then someone far away would take over. As a rule, I like to show extra kindness when I speak to the folks overseas. It’s challenging at times, because (more…)


Alright. It’s been 3 years and a change of employers, perhaps I can push up against the guardrail of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) I signed way back when. Just to be clear, I am not going to disclose anything I agreed to not to disclose. But I am going to tell you that standing in a gorgeous digital screening room reviewing a spot-in-progress for what is now an Ancient Toy with several advertising execs, some of whom had God’s number on speed dial (that’s the God most commonly pronounced with an “S-t-” and rhymes with heave), somehow put a yearning into my cells.

It was Fall 2004: I saw the green (it was a special green …. long deliberated over by many highly paid people sipping expensive water (more…)


Gary Oldman in True Romance.
One of my favorite performances of all time.
All time.

Oh, there are the scenes between Hopper and Walken, between Arquette & Gandolfini, Gandolfini & Pitt . . . “Conden-send to me Mother Fucker,” . . . scenes to live for. Literally. And then there’s Val in the bathroom. But Gary’s performance is my favorite. Of all time. All movies.

True Romance is the first movie I saw during the first 24 hours after I touched down in Los Angeles for the first time ever. We saw Prince & his entourage exiting the theater from the previous show. He sauntered his platforms right into a long black limo & rode away. We were in line for seats licking ice cream cones trying to act like we weren’t watching him. Then we saw this gem, gem, gem of a movie. It’s no wonder I moved here 8 months later and haven’t left.

Anyway . . . Enough quotes from What’s On TV Right now, here’s a glance at how Vacation: Day One started out before I got mesmerized with Drexl for the 46th time.

Day One is going to be hard to top.

Started out w/ (more…)

“I know the difference between a book club and this seminal moment in our history.” — Oprah Winfrey


The first time I heard Barack Obama speak was the summer of 2004; we had the DNC playing on the big screen at work. I wept, sniffled and wept some more and as soon as his speech was over, I ran to the phone, called Andy and said without greeting, “That man is going to be our president someday.”

I exerted a lot of effort that summer. Raised money for the Kerry campaign, beaded & sold bracelets with slogans like “Kerry On”, studied (more…)

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