Nadine, North Queensland, Australia

Hanging out with me for the day would inevitably be fairly cruisey (I’m indulging in the fantasy that I’ve got no kids to supervise for the day, humour me, please!). We’d start by spreading out a picnic blanket and taking an early morning breakfast down at the “little markets” in the shady council park right on the beach. You could choose something light and healthful, maybe green coconut milk and a bag of rambutans or a mango. Or the Churchies put on a great stall with cuppas and cake if you want. You can get Thai vegetarian spring rolls and great Greek storchie. If you’re anything like me you won’t have to choose we’ll just spent a leisurely couple of hours slowly eating our way through everything in sight. If you’re interested and a little bit arty I’d suggest we fund our alfresco fresh breakfast buffet by running a kiddies face painting stall. I reckon you might enjoy transforming all those cute upturned little freckled faces into glittery butterflies and masked crusaders. (more…)


As a child and pre-teen I was totally denied access to any religious ideals or fellowship by my severely practical and efficient mother.  The relationship I developed all through my early adulthood and it’s subsequent breakdown caused me a severe backlash reaction to the New Age movement.  Now in my thirties giving out a silent thanks to the Universe for all the things I’m grateful (and singing Bob Marley songs at the top of my lungs) is about as spiritual as I get.  I feel my lack of spiritualism quite poignantly at times so I do this on a regular basis.


These are the things I’ve been particularly thankful for lately:


After reading through your bio’s and entries and learning of everybody’s accomplishments, careers, experiences and travel, I think I might be completely under-qualified for a thirty-three year old . But I am. And very glad to be joining you here I might add. Thanks for including me!

My part of the world is two acres in a hilly little rainforest estate a few minutes drive inland from one of North Queensland’s glorious beaches. I also have a great block of land up the road a bit, near a beautiful fresh water creek. It’s a green and luscious part of the world – still recovering from the battering that tropical cyclone Larry gave us a couple of years back – but slowly returning to its former glory.

It’s a very laid-back place to live – so much natural beauty and native wildlife. I love that my kids are growing up in this area – just like I did. I love road trips and I’d love to travel more somewhere down the track but I’ve got the feeling that even if I went all over the world I wouldn’t find a place I’d rather be. Anyway I’m very intrigued by these challenges so I might cut straight to it! Here goes: My life as a mixed tape.