Monica, Thailand

i came to thirty voices in september – 1/2 way through.  and it has been a wonderful experience.  thirty voices is where i discovered friendships with women i’ve never met and most likely left to my own never would have.  in the past 6 months i have picked up and hauled my family 1/2 way around the world and here i’ve been able to share some fears and insecurities.  for that i am most grateful.  i have loved the support and experience you gals have been able to provide, many of you have gone through this process and just knowing you have lived to tell the tale has been comforting.  so women of thirty voices, thank you.

monica, 37, chiang mai, thailand – my other blog is here at transplanting me.


1.  i have two favorite colors – one to look at (orange) and one to wear (green).

2.  i am only able to clean my house one way…  start in the master bathroom and work my way out the front door.  if the kitchen needs a cleaning, gotta start in the bedroom.

3.  i strongly dislike the sound of chewing.  a very bad thing to dislike when you live with other people.

4.  i am no where near as confident as i have learned to appear.

5.  i love to bake, but have no oven.

6.  i’m not good at saying no and sticking to it. (that’s why we now have 2 dogs)

7.  i never, ever thought i would live anywhere other than texas.

monica, 37, chiang mai, thailand

there are a few things that i believe the whole hindsight is 20/20 thing about.  but i fear if i hadn’t made the screw ups that i did i might not be the me that i am.

so, some advice to me, only younger.

  1. finish college.
  2. there are some friends i should have stayed in touch with and some that weren’t worth the effort.
  3. set personal boundaries – don’t wait.
  4. maybe eat just a little less while pregnant.
  5. avoid the curb at the grocery store.
  6. don’t be afraid of change.
  7. continue to excercise.  it’s a lot easier to keep going than to restart – again.
  8. don’t worry about having a third baby – everyone turns out just fine and he’s a hoot
  9. spend more time with extended family.
  10. take more pictures.
  11. don’t waste time on stuff just because everyone else is doing it.
  12. be more confident!

monica, 37, chiang mai, thailand

i keep getting asked, “so, how are you really doing?” like i might not be answering the question, “how are you doing?” honestly. the honest to goodness truth is, i’m doing just fine. i’m including a graph to help define “just fine” –



now, i know that doesn’t look so good, looks pretty close to dismal maybe. But it is what it is. you know during the closing credits of the jetsons, when george yells, “jane, stop this crazy thing”? well, i’m pretty sure i know what he’s talking about. it’s not that i want to go home, or that i’m sorry we moved – it’s that it’s just so much, so fast. (more…)

christopher walken – now, his being at the top of my list doesn’t mean he’s my most favorite thing. i just wanted to get it out of the way. it tends to creep people out.





puppy dog breath

a clean house – cleaned in the proper order, and, yes, there is a proper order

bread baking

pad thai

sleeping in

fresh water from the tap

being aware of God’s blessings

a good wine – and i’m not opposed to a not so good wine

good conversation


a great bra

Monica, 37, Thailand 

i am a rule follower. if it’s a rule, it’s meant to be followed. it’s who i am and what i do… or rather was and did.

until very recently i followed any rule out there. it didn’t so much matter who created the rule and i never stopped to think about whether or not it was illogical or unnecessary. i had just assumed all rules were necessary. it took one very simple incident to change that for me. (more…)

…begins impossibly early in the morning.

…begins without a watch.

…begins in an airport, in the u.s. – where the threat level is orange.

…begins on an empty stomach, because i’m too nervous to eat.

…begins without caffeine. (no, really, it does. i wouldn’t have thought so, either.)

…begins on a very, very, impossibly small plane (i can see it out the window right now. it’s tiny. maybe not, private jet tiny, more of 4 seats to a row tiny.)

…begins right now.

i’m doin’ it. i’m sitting here in an airport waiting for a plane. waiting for a plane that will take me to los angeles – where i’ll wait for another plane. a plane that will take me to hong kong. where i’ll wait again – for a plane that will take me to bangkok. where i thought bh would be meeting me. but, he won’t. instead i’ll be spending…

wait for it…

it’s worth it…

one night in bangkok.


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