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Well, I’ve been incognito for a while now. And for that I apologize. But it’s for good reason…

Remember how I said I sailed across the Pacific Ocean on my honeymoon? And did I happen to mention that I’ve been working on a book about it? Well, this is where MY BIG NEWS waltzes in:

I found a wonderful, amazing agent who sold my book to a wonderful, amazing editor, and now I can share the wonderful, amazing news that my book will be published in Summer 2009!



In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States, I made a list of reasons we can be thankful for sex. Why? Because I’m writing a column called Moms Like Sex Too, and so I’ve got sex on the brain all the time now. (The dreadfully charming Mr. Right is NOT complaining.) I’m publishing this list on all my blogs today because this is one of those things that applies to everyone.

Plus, it’s my 36th Birthday, so I can do whatever I want dammit.

36 Reasons to be Thankful for Sex (and please feel free to add your own):

1. Early on, my parents taught me: Sex is something you share with someone you love
2. It also happens to be fun
3. It’s the one time you don’t mind your partner pushing your buttons
4. It’s the precursor to pillow talk
5. (Who doesn’t love pillow talk?)
6. Even when you’re dead tired and don’t feel like having sex beforehand, you’re usually happy you did afterward
7. It’s the natural (dopamine) high
8. There are things that happen during sex that no one in human existence–besides you and your partner–will ever, ever know about
9. Like how s/he reacts when you do THIS
10. Or how you react when s/he does THAT
11. Or that time you farted (more…)

So I get online today and start skimming through 30 Voices (with the bungle of joy poised to wake any minute, skim is the best I can do), and I come across a couple comments from a new voice among us: shakingthetree. She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s articulate. And I think: I love this site!

Because I’ve learned about against-all-odds from Angie, and a-mom-who-smokes from Stacy, and relationship-woes from Amanda, and Iowa-politics from Auntie Shelley, and bible thumping from Disa, and…

Damn. The bungle is up and (wailing) at ’em. Gotta sign off now. But my point is that you guys are great. I love this community. I love the writing. And I love learning about all these different versions of 30-something.

And now I can’t wait for shakingthetree’s first post!

Janna, aka Happily Even After, 35, Seattle

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this anti-Made-in-China news I keep hearing. And it’s gotten me stuck on the following question: If “Made in China” is a no-go, how DOES one decide which countries are on the OK-to-Buy-from List?

If we’re judging based on greenhouse gas emissions, then the US is definitely OFF the list. We are the Numero Uno producers of greenhouse gases in the world, with China as a close second. And even when China surpasses us, we’ll still be in second place–as if that’s a good thing. (More interesting dirt on Texas’s particularly high emissions here.)

Now, if we buy products based on the human rights of workers then, correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t we need to go Euro? I mean, we can’t buy from nations that use child labor or have sweatshop conditions or pay below a living wage, so that rules out lots of developing countries (e.g. Did you read The Observer’s recent discoveries about GAP’s child labor in India?). And then, of course, we can’t buy US because there are millions of workers without health benefits, without paid sick leave, and ALSO without a living wage here in the US. Not to mention lack of protected class status to gays and lesbians in the workplace–that’s another human rights issue… (more…)

BEFORE Ms. Busty:
BEFORE Ms. Busty

From health to beauty to sag to cross-eyedness to body image, I seem to blog about BOOBS a lot.

Thus, I was not ENTIRELY shocked when one of my faithful readers, who’s always on the lookout for great blog topics, sent me this email. Lest you worry about the mental sanity of said reader, she also happens to be my Very Close Girlfriend.

At 5:21 pm, under the title of “blog topic,” she wrote:

Hi. So I got this awesome bra that is so stinkin’ padded that I’m about three cup sizes bigger than usual. But natural, not 1950’s triangle boobies that look like weapons. It is majorly padded, and on top of that, it has little “cookies” (that’s what Toni at Nordstrom called them) that puff me up even more. I was wearing it, and I felt awesome, and then right before our friends were supposed to come over for dinner, I changed back into my regular bra. Now that I’m writing this, I think I want to go change back into my busty bra. And yet, I feel a little James Frey-ish, manipulating reality without full disclosure. Is it a lie to wear a bra that makes me look like a C-cup when I’m really an A?

Might not interest you, but I found my own ambivalence interesting.

Then, exactly 4 minutes later I received this: (more…)

I probably shouldn’t have needed one of my favorite blogs, Lemon Margaritas, to remind me that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You’d think I would have noticed all those fresh pink ribbons for sale. Or maybe my hairdresser’s stories of the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk (which made for a more wet and sniffly shampoo than normal) might have clued me in. Or perhaps I should have realized that having boobs on the brain all last week was my unconscious mind gearing up for this somber month.

But Lemon Margaritas’ “Putting Power in the Pink” post made me think that perhaps October should be changed to Breast Cancer PROTEST Month instead. Why? Well, first, go read her post, because she’s a survivor and has some scoop on breast cancer that will make you pay attention.

Second, from her blog I learned that while we’re all highly AWARE about breast cancer these days, many of us are sadly misinformed. I was amazed at the results of a recent study by the National Breast Cancer Coalition. I thought I was pretty up-to-speed on the topic, but this is serious stuff. Stuff that could affect each and every one of us owners of breasts (and those who love them/us). To learn more, check out the Chicago Tribune’s article “Fallacies on Breast Cancer Persist.” Really, it’s worth the two minutes and thirteen seconds it takes to read it.


Seeing as how I’m a relationship blogger for the Seattle P-I, I thought I’d think about what Relationship Stuff I would banish to Room 101. Here’s what I came up with:

1) That weird mind habit I have of noticing the dreadfully charming Mr. Right’s [dirty laundry, dried coffee cups, unread mail, shoes in the foyer, kitchen mess, obscure place he set his wallet] but being oblivious to my own. Actually, I don’t mind noticing where he set his wallet; in about ten minutes I’ll be delivering it to him at his office. Would that he could tell me where my keys were some mornings…

2) In a related vein, any sort of knee-jerk blame I attribute to Mr. Right (or anyone else for that matter), particularly for things he’s blameless about. Pointless negative thoughts, needless negative energy, drain drain drain.

3) That full-body exhaustion (akin to but not the same as the dread that comes before exercising) that happens after a long day, before an early morning, on weeknights, when contemplating sex. We’re ALWAYS pleased (quite literally now aren’t we?) when we overcome that tiredness, so why don’t we just deliver that exhaustion to Room 101, and go on about our happy sex lives.

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