Dee, Colorado Springs, USA

hello all! Isn’t it funny that when we were kids we tried to be different and prove how neat and different we are and then when we have to make a list we have to sit for a bit and uuuuhhhhhmmmm.

Well, here goes:

  1. Even though a small dog lives in my house and I do like this particular dog and her bloodline I don’t like small dogs. Never have.
  2. I love pickled beets and pickled eggs.
  3. When I was little (and my grandmother was my baby sitter) I liked to eat cat fish eggs with her (a special treat: think of it as southern caviar).
  4. I still love getting good hand-me down clothes.
  5. I married my high school sweetheart that I had dated for…well let’s just say a very long time.
  6. I really don’t like to sleep on someone else’s pillow
  7. I saw the ghost of a civil war widow while babysitting at my bosses’ house when I was in college. She was very hard to ignore but she did stay out of the room that I was in with the children!

That was tough!

Dee, Colorado Springs, USA


the monsters. their daddy. being a momma.

cats with loud purr machines and eyes like green marbles.

maverick’s head resting in my lap.

hugs from the monsters, especially the unsolicited ones.

swimming in the ocean. swimming in the lake. swimming at mom’s pool.


I am cleaning my house to within and inch of my its life again. Before anyone diagnoses me as obsessive compulsive let me explain. My house has been on the market since the beginning of September. When hubby monster and I got the news that he had orders to leave Colorado Springs I went on a tear through the house. I went room by room for almost 2 weeks and purged anything that was worn out, out grown or otherwise unnecessary. This is always painful for me because I am a pack rat by nature. But it was done.Then our real estate agent sent over a stager. You know-one of the experts that come through your house and de-clutter it. So we took down just about anything that would make our house look homey and hid it all away. Then we waited…And waited…And waited…

After three glorious months of cleaning the house like fools and turning the monsters into little neurotic messes we had 6 showings. Total. That’s it. I think of those showings 2 people were interested and 4 agents were using us as price comparison. Insert tears and angry stomping, yelling and other signs of a tantrum here.


Who am I? I love writing these kinds of things because it gives me a chance to look back and appreciate who I am and where I come from!

I grew up in a little town in Virginia. The Appalachian mountains. Heart of the New River Valley. The Blue Ridge. It’s a beautiful place. My grandparents owned a small farm where they raised beef cattle and pigs. They had a huge vegetable garden where they grew cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, beans (green, pinto, butter), dill, and my very favorite the front 2 rows of strawberries. They were probably the last of a dying breed then because there was absolutely no waste. If it couldn’t be used right away it was pickled, canned, dried or smoked! It sounds like a bit of an idyll but it was a great way to grow up.

High School was pretty much the nightmare that anyone can recite. Awkward, trying to fit in and see where you belong. Most of the memories I have from that time involve a soundtrack from the eighties. Duran Duran, OMD, the Police, etc.