I know that I came here later than most of you, but I am happy that I did.  Thirty Voices provided me with a connection to other women in my age bracket at a time when I was feeling isolated and out of sync with everyone else.  Being home with two small children seemed to exclude me from so much, but somehow, when reading everyone’s posts, i began to feel that I could do more.

I opened up an online business selling my handmade crafts, I began writing a novel, I made new friends, and I realized that I can do more than I ever realized.  I wish I had contributed more, but I have been very waylaid by the fact that I am facing having another surgery soon, as the treatment after my first surgery (in November) didn’t take. It makes me all the more grateful that I was a part of this because now, even though I have more physical limitations than I have ever had, I am still managing to find good in all the little things in life.

For those who wish to follow my personal blog, I have a friends-locked journal at LJ, and you can comment to be added (please mention you are from 30 voices).  http://jendaby.livejournal.com/

Hope everyone of you out there has a wonderful life, and that our paths shall meet again.  Best wishes!

Jenifer, 34, New York