As the curtain falls on this project/experiment/challenge/call to action, I am looking back at Thirty Voices with immeasurable gratitude; to everyone who contributed and especially to Clare and Stacy who made it happen and stuck with it.

Thank You.

Because of this project I took the time to really think about my writing… what inspired me, tired me, wired me. I got motivated to finally put all of my disparate ramblings together and actually put a blog out there that I feel proud of and compelled to continue.

Because of this project I have new people in my life that I think about on a very regular basis and feel connected to in very real ways regardless of distance, difference, diffidence.

One year down the road I have seen a lot of changes and made a lot of changes and feel just that much more ready to take on whatever comes my way. I am not sure how much of that has to do with any one thing in particular, but I am sure that somehow the convergence of events in my life that has included Thirty Voices undoubtedly contributed to this sense of well being. Older? You bet. Better? Uh-huh. Wiser? I guess we will see…

I would like to be able to echo the sentiments of all the writers who answered this post before me and so to avoid redundancy I will say, ‘I second that emotion…’ and sign off.


Amanda, still blogging here in Hong Kong