Sometimes I get so caught up in my own little middle-class world that I forget how amazing and diverse life is. Let’s face it. Here in suburban Chicagoland, I tend to hang out with people like myself. Usually with a couple of kids in tow and a minivan parked in the driveway, who watch TV in the evenings for fun. Life seemed like an endless procession of playdates, child sleep issues, bills and trips to Target. It seems a long time since I started a conversation without saying, “How old are your kids?” It seems a long time since I could imagine a life different than the one I’m living.

So what Thirty Voices has given me is a reminder that life doesn’t look or feel the same for everyone, yet we all have commonalities that bring us together. It’s been a very long time since I was part of a community of women who were all so overtly interesting and creative. It has also been a chance for me to reconnect with the interesting parts of me, before I was “mom” and that’s all. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and sharing in them. It feels like I’ve gotten to know a whole new group of friends, and I’m grateful to you all.

Helen, 35, Glenview, Illinois, USA