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I couldn’t resist adding my 20/20 to the pool.

What I would tell my younger self:

5) Pay attention to the details around you and don’t think that just because you are young today, you will never be afflicted of age tomorrow

4) When you decide that skipping that one day of class, or aerobics, or being a healthy you isn’t going to hurt anything, you couldn’t be more wrong.

3) Go after your dreams, and don’t be dissuaded by small bumps in your path; instead let them propel you to a new understanding and to heights you’d never have imaged for yourself before then.

2) Be a woman, mother, sister, first and foremost; in the end, it is your loyalties to family, friends, children and grandchildren, that matter most in this world.

1) One day you’ll look back at the time when, standing in your grandmother’s living room while her cold fingers press pins into the waistband of a skirt she was sewing just for you, you scoffed at her ignorance of the way things really were in this world, and how they would be in the future. It is on this day that you’ll realize that, even though you thought you knew it all, from the perspective of having lived she knew then what you are finally realizing today; experience trumps bold youthful zeal any day of the week.

Roxanne, 39, South Dakota