10th March will be the 1 year anniversairy of 30 Voices and the end of the project.

It really has been a great learning experience being part of this forum. We have learnt a lot from all the voices and appreciate them sharing some really intimate moments.

Although we never managed to get to 30 Voices, 29 Voices isn’t bad! The site definitely didn’t end up being what we expected it to be – it actually ended up being better than that – a little community!

So that just leaves one last challenge.. what (if anything) have you gained from being part of this project?

Voices will not post about anything other than this challenge from 10th March onwards but if readers wish to keep up with particular voices personal blogs will be mentioned in their last post.

Thank you again most sincerely for being part of 30 Voices – whether as a voice or as a reader. We will miss you all!

Clare and Stacy, founders of Thirty Voices.