7. My favorite store in the whole wide world is 7-11. Any country, any flavor. Oh, thank Heaven for 7-11. I have photgraphs of 7-11s (the authentic and the inauthentic) from every country I have visited.

6. I love Sharpie Markers even though they seep through paper. I love their permanence and the resultant disregard for errors.

5. I smell everything before I use/wear/touch it. This has spawned many discussions and in some cases some tricky situations. This includes boys and Sharpies.

4. I do not have any debt/I love my job. I believe these are probably linked somehow. I am fortunate to do work I enjoy, which is not to be confused with wanting to work all the time or support people who are not working.

3. I dry the sink after I use it, always. Kitchen and bathroom and I am talking about the basin not the counter, though in all honesty, I dry that too.

2. I read books and watch DVDs in the order in which I get them (and therefore stack them) on my shelves. I will not deviate from this.

1. I often feel that inanimate objects have feelings and this changes the way I look at them and what I do with them. I may be more considerate of the inanimate than the animate at times.

Amanda, 37, freakishly normal in HK