there are a few things that i believe the whole hindsight is 20/20 thing about.  but i fear if i hadn’t made the screw ups that i did i might not be the me that i am.

so, some advice to me, only younger.

  1. finish college.
  2. there are some friends i should have stayed in touch with and some that weren’t worth the effort.
  3. set personal boundaries – don’t wait.
  4. maybe eat just a little less while pregnant.
  5. avoid the curb at the grocery store.
  6. don’t be afraid of change.
  7. continue to excercise.  it’s a lot easier to keep going than to restart – again.
  8. don’t worry about having a third baby – everyone turns out just fine and he’s a hoot
  9. spend more time with extended family.
  10. take more pictures.
  11. don’t waste time on stuff just because everyone else is doing it.
  12. be more confident!

monica, 37, chiang mai, thailand