It was a Thursday, a day much like every other Thursday. A day full of conference calls, overhead pages, phone calls, complaints, resolution and red wine. I turned off the office lights, set the alarm and headed outside. It was just beginning to snow. The forecast was for at least 8 inches by morning and more throughout Friday and the weekend. Great I thought, another weekend at work.

I entered through the back door like I did most every night. I approached “the table” and decided this wasn’t a table night; I’d sit at the bar. I spotted a seat at the side bar and as I approached my drink was skillfully slid in to place, Corona Light, with lime.

“Thanks, Mark”, I said as I slid on to the bar stool. “No problem, this one is from the guy at the other side of the bar. I glanced over. “Which one?” “The one in the flight suit, Mark said. Oh Shit! I thought to myself, not another one of “those” drinks. I hadn’t been in the bar more than 5 minutes and already the drinks were coming. “Please tell him I said thank you, and I’ll take a menu please”. This bar was located in a hotel and the hotel was located very close to a military installation so very frequently airmen, sailors, soldiers and marines on temporary assignments would find this hotel home for weeks at a time, and would try to find a girlfriend or two to keep them occupied during this time. I was not interested in being one of “those” girls.

I ordered my favorite, Chicken Marsala with wild rice and green beans to be accompanied by a glass of the house merlot. Mark and I made casual conversation as we did most nights. He talked about his potential conquests for the night and I listened, amused and wondered to myself how you just pick someone out of a crowd and decide that’s who you are sleeping with that night. During this conversation I finished the Corona that had been purchased for me by the guy in the flight suit sitting across the bar. Mark asked if I wanted my wine now and I most graciously accepted.

Mark disappeared to pour the wine and tend to other customers and I took this opportunity to go wash my hands before dinner arrived. On the way to the bathroom I passed the table Dr. Frank was in deep conversation with someone I had never seen before, probably the latest victim I thought to myself. Dr. Frank you see was my boss, Mark’s boss, he was everyone’s boss. He owned the hospital, the hotel/restaurant/bar and several other businesses. He was the common thread, the thread that joined us all together, all together in our misery. You see misery loves company and misery also loves alcohol. What better place to drown the sorrows of the day than at the local bar? The local bar which just so happened to be walking distance from your office. Oh, and owned by the man who caused this misery in the first place.

In the bathroom I checked myself out in the mirror. When did I become this tired looking woman? What happened to the girl who used to look back at me? I washed my hands, applied a fresh coat of lip-gloss and headed back to eat my dinner. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him approaching, but there was nothing I could do, before I could object he was sliding on to the bar stool next to me. “Hello” he said, “Hello”, I replied. “My name is Dennis. Are you waiting for someone?” “No, I’m not meeting anyone, but I am getting ready to have dinner.” “Great, mind if I join you? I just ordered something for myself, I’m starved.”

I did mind, but I didn’t have the energy to dismiss this handsome stranger. I was taken back by his forwardness. On a good night I would have dismissed him and not thought twice about it. Tonight, after a 12 hour work day and already a 40 hour week on Wednesday, I just couldn’t be bothered.

About this time Mark appeared with my wine. Dennis told him that he would be joining me. He didn’t notice, but I got the “Are you ok with this look” from Mark and I nodded. Mark brought over Dennis’s drink. And the conversation started to flow. He was a Navy pilot in town for some training exercises. He’d be here till Monday.

Our meals arrived and we made casual conversation and both finished our wine. Dennis at some point ordered a carafe of wine which we consumed effortlessly over the next couple of hours. I was surprised how smoothly the conversation flowed, how easy it was to talk to this stranger. He was handsome, dark hair, green eyes, muscular build, not too tall, about 5’10.

By this time it was getting close to midnight and I was in desperate need of sleep if I was going to be ready for the next day. The next hour was spent consuming yet another carafe of wine and now exchanging gentle leg brushes and knowing glances. Each time we touched whether by accident or on purpose warmth crept through my body, awakening senses that were now on edge and yearning to be fulfilled.

Mark called last call for the remaining bar customers and despite me declining his offer, Dennis paid the tab, “our” tab. As Mark was settling the tab he said that the snow had really accumulated and there was a lot more than anticipated. He asked if I’d be spending the night. Dennis’ face lit up when I said yes. Mark said he would send security out for my things and deliver them to my room. I slid him my key. Dennis looked at me inquisitively, “Your room?” “Yes”, I replied. “When it snows I live here. I am essential personnel at the hospital, so in bad weather, this is my home.”

The security guard arrived to return my key and announced that there was a good 8-10 inches on the ground already and that the forecast was now calling for another 8 inches by morning. Dennis said he couldn’t believe that we were having this much snow and doubted he would be working the next morning. With this, I got off my barstool and bid Mark goodnight. “See you tomorrow?” He asked. “But of course”, was my reply.

Dennis asked if he could walk me to my room and I agreed. We started off down the hall toward the elevator. The elevator arrived, we boarded and the doors closed, “what floor?”, Dennis asked, reaching for the buttons and pulling me toward him at the same time. “Three”, I sighed through lips that were now pressed against his. It was an electrifying kiss full of passion and promise. The elevator arrived, and the doors opened. I wanted him to take me right there, reluctantly we moved off the elevator and down the hall toward my room 360, the executive suite. I fumbled with the key, Dennis behind me kissing my neck and asking if he could join me for a night cap. I giggled nervously and said please as we entered the room. I kicked off my shoes, told Dennis to find the mini bar in the living room and I went to close the curtains. Dennis poured two glasses of wine and waited for me on the couch. I sat next to him; he pulled me to him, and kissed me. The kiss was gentle at first and then became more passionate and urgent. There was no doubt in my mind what he wanted and I’m sure he could tell by the way I was breathing that I didn’t plan on turning him down. He stood up and pulled me to him.

“Have you ever done it in the snow?” he asked as he led me to the balcony? We stepped outside and the night air was crisp. The snow was beautiful. He stood behind me, kissing my neck, rubbing my breasts through my blouse and causing me to lean in to him. I could feel the firmness of his penis against the small of my back. He kissed me and explored my body with his hands and my clothes started to slip away. There he stood in his flight suit; I was one zipper away from ecstasy. I reached for the zipper and he said not yet, “I want to look at you”. I was standing outside on my balcony in my bra and underwear. You are beautiful he exclaimed. When you walked in to the bar tonight I saw that you were beautiful and imagined what you would look like standing here in front of me. Now there are a few other visions I want to fulfill. What’s the first I asked? I want to take you from behind. This kind of surprised me. I heard the zipper unzip and he pulled me to him, he skillfully slip my underwear to the side and entered me. He was gentle, yet controlling. He brought me just to the edge of orgasm and then backed away. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Nothing, just moving on to the next vision.”

He took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. He started the shower, tested the water and asked me to get in. He told me to let the water run over my hair and face. I did. He told me to close my eyes and I did. The next thing I remember was feeling his naked body pressing up against me with only a layer of water between us. He reached for the soap, lathered it up in his hands and proceeded to rub suds up and down my body. I reciprocated and then he spun me around kissed me and asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to feel him inside of me. “Now”, he asked? “Yes now!” I exclaimed, breathlessly and he entered me without hesitation, wet, slippery, and hard. We rocked gently at first and then became more hungered as we were driven to new heights. This energy was something I’d never felt before. I’d never had such a fierce, passionate desire for a total stranger. I’d never wanted anyone so much. The shower was amazing. We continued kissing and caressing and it wasn’t until I started to shiver that he suggested getting out and drying off. He dried me off with both his towel and tongue.

Who was this man and how did he know to push all the right buttons? He picked me up and carried me to the bed where we continued to kiss and explore each others bodies, with fingers, tongues, lips and eyes. It was a magical night and we fell asleep in each others arms. Before falling asleep I asked if he would join me for dinner that night. He agreed, but only if we could have room service. I happily agreed. Dennis and I met in my room at 8:00pm that Friday and didn’t leave the room again til I had to make rounds at the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday night were magical, showers, baths, balcony, wine, food, kissing and the most intense sex I’ve ever had.

Monday morning came and it was time for us to go our separate ways, no promises had been made, no numbers exchanged, no real questions asked. This man was still as much a mystery to me now as he was 4 days ago, the only thing I knew about him was every square inch of his body. We took one last shower together and I watched him put on his flight suit. I was in the bathroom applying the final touches to my makeup and he came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. Thanks for an amazing trip to Maryland. If I’m ever in town again I’ll look you up. I spun around, kissed him firmly on the lips and told him I looked forward to it. I opened the door and watched him walk down the hall. I never saw or heard from him again. – Jenn, 38, Belarus