1. I read A-Team fan fiction on a regular basis.

2. I don’t really mind ketchup, but I’ll eat my fries with anything other condiment first–mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salad dressing, gravy, pizza grease–it doesn’t matter.

3. I have a black thumb. I have no trouble keeping babies and animals alive and healthy, but give me a plant and it will be dead within days. I did manage to keep an aloe vera plant alive for awhile. I’m in the process of killing the five plants in my house right now. (I tend to panic that I haven’t fed the plants in days, then overwater.)

4. I was an extra in the movie “Nice Girls Don’t Explode” when I was in junior high. Specifically, I was in a dream sequence. Actually, it was a cat’s dream. My sister, our friend and I played kids in a Chinese family who were about to have the cat for dinner (don’t ask). The scene was cut, and the credits for the film list only the man who played our father.

5. When I was in kindergarten, I almost failed out because I refused to take tests. According to family legend, I didn’t understand why I should repeat things I already knew.

6. At age nine, I was in a tornado in my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. I was in the KMart, and if my memories are right the ceiling started to open in on us while we were in there. Above the drapery section, I believe. The KMart was completely destroyed, as was our neighborhood. We made it home okay, but our neighborhood was also decimated. At our house, though, we lost a storm window and our mailbox got dented and that was all. To this day I dream occasionally about this event, and usually the dream is mixed up with disasters from history–the Holocaust, most recently.

7. When I was young, all my stuffed animals and horsemodels had names and personalities and the Animal Olympics every year. In fact my sister and I gave our real live parakeet, Frisky, an imaginary pet. It was a purple puffball named A.J. Needless to say, he was invisible. And he could fly. Also, our stuffed animal community lived partly in our dimension and partly in another, so they could travel anywhere instantaneously.