1. Paper and String – I’ve always loved to collect papers and yarns.  Before I learned to knit I would sometimes buy a skein just because the color and texture had me from hello.  The artwork on a hand done note card will seduce me to buy it.  I never send these cards.  I just stash them away.  Impractical compulsions that don’t play nicely with eccentricity #2.

2. I have an eagle eye for clutter but a blind eye for cobwebs.  I love to declutter.  Dusting and vacuuming…no love.

3.  Cilantro makes me gag.  The taste of it is like a sting on my tongue, and I dread coming into contact with it.

4.  Having proper (as in matching menswear style) pajamas is important to me.  Slippers, too.  Robes, not so much.

5.  I’m kind of obsessed these days with the dropped slope stemming from under my chin to my neck.  It’s not a second chin.  It’s more like a waddle, and it reminds me every time I effing see it, that I will soon, alarmingly soon, be officially middle aged.  Inside, I still feel 31 and waddleless. Damn this chin!

6.  Celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, is on my top five hotties list.

7.  I used to anthropomorphicize stuffed animals.  Once I grew out of them, I still couldn’t get rid of them, because I imagined they had little secret souls and attachments and would be really, really hurt if I gave them away, or {gasp} tossed them.  Once packed in a box, I didn’t want to reopen the box because I expected to see the sorrow of abandonment on their faces.  Crazy.

Melissa, 38, Atlanta, USA