OK, I’m weird, but it entertains me and those around me, so I like to call it “entertaining”. On that note, here are 7 entertaining things about me:

1. I see ghosts and feel strong energies around me all the time. While this has been happening since I was about 7 I still can’t get used to it.

2. I used to do “office ballet” early in the morning on the days I opened the restaurant, before anyone else got there. It was a good way to get a workout in. I am currently doing “in room exercise” in the hotel we are staying in.

3. I have always thought that if you had an aquarium full of miniature whales you could feed them sea monkeys.

4. I get really upset when my socks get wet too.

5. Collecting shells on a beach is like crack to me. I can’t stop looking for them.

6. I dance in my house when I’m by myself and talk to myself on a regular basis.

7. I have always wanted to go to the moon.

Amy, 34, Germany- Taiwan