Well, I’ve been incognito for a while now. And for that I apologize. But it’s for good reason…

Remember how I said I sailed across the Pacific Ocean on my honeymoon? And did I happen to mention that I’ve been working on a book about it? Well, this is where MY BIG NEWS waltzes in:

I found a wonderful, amazing agent who sold my book to a wonderful, amazing editor, and now I can share the wonderful, amazing news that my book will be published in Summer 2009!


Here’s how my editor (my editor?!) at Touchstone Fireside (div. of Simon & Schuster) describes the book:

Janna Cawrse’s THE MOTION OF THE OCEAN: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and the World’s Longest Honeymoon is the strange and humorous love story of an on again/off again couple and their extreme transition from “first date” to “first mate” — leaving friends and family behind for an 813-day jaunt across the Pacific in a leaky sailboat.

I’m sure you can imagine what a thrill this is for me. Not to get all weepy on you, but it’s really a dream come true (a-boo-hoo-hoo-hoo). Actually, I’m not teary. I’m doing a jig. A raucous jig! All around the room! And screaming and shouting in the highest octave, YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!

It’s a miracle I tell you. And I have to say that it’s that wonderful book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert that paved the way. I think there’s an audience out there, and she’s proved it. (If you haven’t read her book, go. Now. And read it. Some people use it as their bible it; some people rail against it–but either way, it definitely MOVES you.)

So, in the next 5 months (my deadline for the manuscript is July 1) I’ll be writing my pants off. I know it seems odd that I’ve sold a book I have yet to write, but that’s how it works in nonfiction. Lucky lucky lucky.

Anyway, that’s my big amazing news. And I wanted to say THANKS to you guys because part of how I was able to convince my agent and my editor that I could write and garner an audience was through my blogging.

Now if any of you 30 Voices are aspiring to be published, feel free to pick my brain. I definitely can recommend good how-to books that I used, and a course of action (writers conferences, pitching, etc.), so don’t be shy. I might even be seeking readers to give me feedback on the book–it might be helpful to get comments from people who don’t know me.

(Oh, and here’s a bit more to peruse about my now-official writing career. crazy crazy crazy.)

Janna, aka Happily Even After, 36, Seattle