What are those snapshot moments that you want to be able to recall for as long as you live?

This is a marvelous posting idea! Though I wish we could list so many more than just 5, I realize the benefit of having to choose a “Top 5” list. So, here are mine.

5) The day I received my graduate degree – I’m the first one ever, on my mother or my father’s side of the family, to receive a master’s degree. Plus, I finished while a single mother with 2 grade-schoolers and 1 pre-schooler, and I was working as a consultant and traveling while I finished my thesis. WOW. To have THAT much energy again!

4) The first time my oldest daughter said “Mommy” – I don’t remember all the details, which is odd, but I do remember the enormous feelings that washed over me on this day. It was like this “infant” had become human, and now was depending upon ME to do the right thing, and be there for them. I don’t care how many high-pressure jobs a person has to accomplish in life; by far, this is the most scary and significant one there is!

3) Meeting my “signficant other” – This may seem odd, but I’d never really felt “loved” before this. It has taken some time, but he has shown me the true power of “unconditional love”. I have, over the years, made a special effort to make sure my children know this is always there for them, but it was this man who taught me that having someone love you (and showing you that they do) can be a marvelous, uplifting and necessary part of life!

2) The day that I realized I wanted to be more/do more, with my life. I was probably 23, or 24, and I was talking with this professor from one of the graduate schools I was considering. He said something to the effect of “that would be the most advantageous thing for you to do”. Using advantageous in a regular sentence (or any intellectual-type word for that matter) was just something I’d never done! Okay, this probably seems stupid, but I guess the point is that for me, at that moment, I realized that there was so much more in life that I didn’t know about yet! I wanted to learn! THAT was exciting! I see myself on that day, happier than I can ever remember, with a smile that just radiated energy and determination. Of course time and “reality” took its toll over the years and I lost touch with that girl; I anticipate that the next decade of my life, I’ll be that girl again… I’m ready for it!

1) The day each of my children were born.I know that should probably be 3 entries, but the idea of each of these events is so significant that there is no question in my mind that, combined, they deserve my #1 “most significant” moment. Each and every day as my children grow into adults, I realize just how miraculous each of them are! Of course there are times when I could pull my hair out, and I would LOVE to ground them to their room until they are 48, but that’s rare compared to the moments I am thankful that I was lucky enough to be mother to three marvelous girls who are not afraid to share their heart and be who they were meant to be. I look forward to seeing them mature into adults and tackle the world.  I guess for the first time, I see something outside of myself and think “how proud I am to have been a part of that”.

I’m not really sure that these are “snapshots” as intended by the posting challenge, but thanks anyway, for the opportunity to remind myself of how much I have to be thankful for, and how meaningful life can be!

Roxanne, 39, South Dakota