• Clare for starting this amazing website with me and really becoming the beacon of light for Thirty Voices.
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. There is nothing that can get me out of a grumpy mood better than a scoop of that amazing invention.
  • The sounds of the ocean hitting the sand below Washington Street pier in Venice, CA. I miss that incredibly as the snow falls outside my window today.
  • My amazing friends. I can’t say enough about all of my friends, and their unconditional support.
  • My family. They are crazy. I know this, but I still love them with all of my heart.
  • Diet Cherry Coke.
  • Someone who actually knows what they are doing in bed.
  • Learning how to not be so shy in my new Saturday morning Burlesque classes.
  • The empowering feeling of starting my own business.
  • SIRIUS Radio on my television. I get to listen to BBC Radio 1 on my tv. There is nothing better. 🙂
  • $3 Falafels at Sultans Market on North Avenue here in Chicago.
  • A massage by Erica (too bad its been many years since I have had the pleasure)
  • New opportunities.
  • A day without any gossip about Britney Spears.
  • Spiking a ball over a volleyball net and actually hitting the floor and not the bleachers where everyone is watching.
  • discovering new places in the city and around the world!
  • My nephew’s giggle as he chases me around my brother’s condo.
  • Second Life (yes,geek moment.)

Stacy Jill, 34, Chicago, IL