…sunshine and my kitties and good, strong coffee. All three of these things improve my outlook on the world in small and meaningful ways. I love how you can feel the sun even when it is cold outside, that is powerful and amazing. I love how my cats are uninhibited hedonists and I think everyone should take a lesson. And I love how warm coffee can totally relax me and clear my head in a grogeous morning moment…

But my favorite things change all the time and being born and bred in California I am prone to saying things like, “Oh my God I love – – – -!” So, I share the love and on other days it includes things such as…

  • polar bears [please do everything you can to stop the drilling in ANWAR]
  • 7-11 [acceptable globalization in my opinion] 
  • reading in [which is a combination of sleeping in and reading in bed]
  • Hot Tamales and Haribo candy [not together]
  • My parents [even cooler than previously advertised]
    ~photo not available~
  • Diet Coke [NOT Coke Light]
  • shoes [the more drama the better]
  • my iPod [though I fondly remember saving up all my money to buy my first Sony Walkman back in 1980] 
  • Smiles and belly laughs [basically sysnonymous to good friends]
  • The beach [for so many of the above – and see above]
  • My work [for real]


  • el-oh-vee-ee

Amanda, 37, loving some things in Hong Kong