Soft, velvety puppies ears

Cats – everything about them I adore from their whiskers to their stubborn little toes

Brand new books in smart, sealed paper bags

The smell of coffee brewing

Picking burnt rasins out of cookies

Twinkling fairy lightsMaking bubble beards in the bath

The squeaky clean sound of freshly washed hair

Taut, clean sheets on my bed

Red trainers

Sharing stale bread with quaking ducks

Kicking up carpets of fiery red autumnal leaves

Reading in bed

A finger gently rubbed over my eyebrows

Snuggling in bed with Chris and the cat

Watching BBC period dramas

Chasing raindrops down car windows

Curling up and sinking into the soft sofa when its raining outside

Watching old black and white movies sipping a fine pinot noir or a good cup of tea

A hug from my parents – rare now I live 5000 miles away and so even more precious

Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach