It has been unusually temperate for January, and my flower bulbs are confused.  I see little bits of green tentatively poking up through the ground of my yard.  This makes it easier for the neighborhood squirrels to find (and eat) my flower bulbs. Part of me is pleased that the weather is so pleasant and Spring-like, but I cannot help but feel that this is solid proof that global warming is in progress.

We do what we can to conserve energy and be Earth-conscious. I know so many people feel that there is no point because so many people don’t bother, but I feel like that is a defeatist attitude. Most home conservation efforts save money for the household (such as high-efficiency lightbulbs).  I know that green cleaners are slightly more expensive, but they do tend to smell better, and the formulas are getting more effective than in the past. I sometimes wonder what the planet will be like when my children are my age, and I hope that more people begin to take responsibility for their own personal space, so that we can all benefit from a happier environment.

Jenifer, 34, New York