There are times in your life when it seems like your whole world is crashing down upon you. You feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is a myth and nothing is ever going to get better, and then one day, it is.

I found my light at the end of the tunnel this weekend. It’s been a year since my ex and I “officially” broke up and I spent the last year moping and crying and dealing with more rage, sadness and other crazy feelings than I have ever truly have had in my life. My friends have been wonderful human beings in being there for me through thick and thin. The poor souls who watched me turn from a happy golucky person to someone on a Lifetime movie about battered souls. This past weekend reassured me that I am not one of those broken down women, but someone who at the end of the movie, can be happy and have her shit together!

I have been working with JT on her baby, Girlie-Q for a couple months now. The Girlie-Q Variety hour was a live burlesque/cabaret style show that ran for about 4 years here in Chicago. JT stepped away from it for a while, but boy, did she come back full force this weekend. 🙂She envisioned a new type of show, one with a rock and roll feel for it, thus Girlie-Q Live was born. I initially told her that I could help with marketing, etc, but as we began working with each other, we realized that I was destined to help with more. I ended up moving into a producing role with her, and we discovered over this past weekend how kick-ass of a team we are.

The show went over so smoothly that I could have pinched myself. The women were all on stage when they needed to be, and hot as ever; our MC, Miss Tamale was a frickin riot and really worked over the crowd, and our bands, the Stewed Tomatoes and Krystee Wilder also kept the crowds entertained. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.I

have been on a major high since the show. It’s better than any drug in the world, to see something you have worked hard on become this accomplished piece of work!

Thankfully, JT has made the decision to host the show quarterly. I think I would die if I had to do this every month, but it truly is the beginning of a long, long, partnership.

If you want to see some pictures from the show, our official photographer has them up on his website. Warning -some of the photos are NSFW. 🙂

StacyJill, 34, Chicago, USA