Happy 2008 ladies.

I know, I’ve been a bit slack lately and haven’t given an update for a while. What is it that John Lennon once said? “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Somewhere buried in those words is my apology for being away for so long.

One thing I haven’t given up on though is training for the LA marathon. I’m still pounding the streets of Marina Del Rey, Venice and Santa Monica – on my own and with my running group. It’s fun. It’s amazing how much a group of women can discuss while running say…um…20 miles.

And, yes, I have run 20 miles. I couldn’t sit down for the rest of that day because if I stayed in one place for too long my joints seized up! But, the point is, I finished a 20-mile run and I’m very proud of myself.

In a couple of weeks I’m going to do the ’23-miler’ – as we call it. I cringe when I look for directions on MapQuest only to discover that it’s going to take me 23 miles to drive from Point A to Point B. Now I’m going to run that distance in my spare time.

My Friday afternoon conversations with my colleagues at work these days are quite funny. “What are you doing this weekend, Marissa?” is the standard question. I say: “Well, I’m going to run 20-plus miles on Saturday…” I feel quite chuffed when they look at me as if I’m Wonder Woman.

Why? A) Because I feel virtuous about going for a run rather than having a Saturday morning lie-in and a fry-up and B) because I always wanted to wear that sexy little outfit Lynda Carter wore in the 1970s TV series.

What do you think? Four months into my training I reckon I can wriggle into a pair of bright blue knickers and stuff my ample bosom into a red and gold bustier…

M x
(aka Cateyes, Venice CA)