I have been thinking long and hard about the last posting challenge and I have failed to come up with anything. Perhaps that shows a lack of disclipne on my part, I am not sure. It certainly made me think thought about rules and resolutions. Resolutions aren’t normally my thing. They always seem like you are setting yourself up for failure. However this year I have decided to give them another go. Perhaps the fact I have written them here for the “whole world” to see will shame me into completing some of them.

In 2008 I will;

  • Make a proper effort to lose the 50lbs that I have gained in the last 3 years for not only my health but so I can look in the mirror without shame and regret.
  • To not say “Let’s go!” to my boyfriend before I am actually ready to leave as I know this drives him nuts.
  • Not buy any beauty products or hair products with the evil parabens in or is tested on animals.
  • Use my totes instead of plastic bags 90% of the time instead of 70%.
  • Finish my tour guide book of Los Angeles.
  • Continue to work on my family tree and try figure out the best way to present all the data.
  • Call my parents more often. Sure it always has to be at the weekends cause of the time difference but I should call.
  • Make my boyfriend visit his parents more often – he is lazy about traffic. How LA?! heh
  • Send my grandparents postcards to let them know I am thinking of them more often. I know my granddad gets a lot of joy out of this, time to start sending them to my nan also.
  • Explore my rekindled interest in going to church instead of just being apathetic about everything spiritual.
  • Stop using my credit cards to buy whimsical purchases when I should be paying them off.
  • Read more books. The last couple of books I have read I have really enjoyed and felt better for it.
  • Learn about American history. About time really I have only lived here 6 years.
  • Do more things without my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I work, live and carpool together so we spend a lot of time together.

That should do it, any more and I am sure to break them. I have sent an email to myself using futureme.org for arrival on January 1st 2009. *gulp*