My favorite holiday? Without a doubt Christmas! I love the sparkle, the colors, the smells. I love the television shows, the movies, the music. I love the symbolism, the meaning and the stories, but the thing I love most about Christmas is the Christmas tree.

We have had an artificial tree for the past few years but I especially love going to the Christmas tree farm in the cold with a cup of hot chocolate, walking around and picking out my own tree. Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. The right tree will speak to you. I always know “the one” when I see it.



Perhaps I love Christmas trees because I also love Christmas ornaments. When I was a child it was a tradition to receive an ornament every year. By the time I moved away from home, I had enough ornaments to decorate my very first tree. Decorating the tree for some is a burden, but for me it is a time of reflection, and remembrance. I love taking the ornaments out of their bubble wrap protection and just looking at them. Each ornament holds a precious memory of a friend or family member. It takes time to walk around the tree and select just the right place for the ornament. I want them to hang just right, have just the right amount of light and greenery around them. With an artificial tree it makes it easy because the branches move, a real tree is a bit more of a challenge. Sometimes the right ornament for a space needs to be purchased or crafted.



Of all my ornaments, my favorite is a little yellow rubber reindeer who has lost his hanging device, the paint from his nose and one eye. Despite all of these imperfections, this little guys still manages to find his way to my tree every year. My sister and I used to move him around on the tree to see if the other person could find him. My tree just wouldn’t be the same without this little guy. This year his is straddling a branch with his nose very close to a red light to mimic a “red nose”. To see a picture of little Rudy, hop on over to my blogsite Learning to Walk in Stilettos. I’m posting about him today.


Jenn, 38, Belarus