If you could write something and it could really make a difference to someone else’s life would you?

December 10th is International Human Rights Day. To mark this day, thousands of people across the United States and all around the world will participate in Amnesty International’s Global Write-A-Thon – Amnesty’s largest and most renowned letter writing event.

I will be sitting down over those days and doing my part. Why? Because I cherish the fact I live in a country where I can express my political views (admittedly some what muddled at times and border line commie at others) without fear of being thrown in jail and my family and loved ones harassed whilst I am there.

I wish we were all much nearer as I would throw a hosting party, but as we are not, please consider joining me in the spirit of 30 Voices and writing some letters for this wonderful event.

Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach, USA