Technically I have already completed this challenge, but hells as an admin I figure if I can’t bend the rules for myself then what’s the point?! My first post on fame was intended to be tongue in cheek, but as someone who works in the fame game I have a little more to say on the subject. I would not like to be famous, but I feel that there are different levels of fame and some of them appeal more than others. Paris Hilton? No thanks. Albert Einstein? Yes please. JK Rowling? Absolutely! James Frey – not so much.

Oh but the freedom that that kind of pay packet would bring – you could travel the world, learn to sail, save rainforests, drop massive donations to animal/children charities, have a personal chef to whip you up tasty but healthy meals, buy only organic sweat-shop-free clothes and every wii game that took your fancy! Sorry I got distracted there!What kind of fame I think is the question? Gwen Stefani for example must find it pretty hard to go have a cup of coffee at her local Starbucks without someone starring (although most in LA are far too cool for that – aside from me – I am totally making mental note to add to my list of famous people I have spotted). The rest of her band most people couldn’t pick them out of a police line up. They get the better end of the deal if you ask me – the money, travel, and accomplishments but with less privacy invasion.

Ah yes privacy. Does fame necessarily equal loss of privacy? In many ways yes it does. Paparazzi have been around since the silent movie era – sure it’s changed somewhat as society has also changed but again, a large percentage of this is down to the personality. When Demi Moore who at the height of her 1980s fame decided she wanted to raise her kids away from the limelight – she moved to Hailey, Idaho, raised her children in peace and ‘normality’. When her kids had grown up, she felt ready to resume her place in Hollywood society – incidentally her primary residence is still there which is probably why you don’t see that many paparazzi pictures of her. One of the smartest things Brad and Angelina did was move to New Orleans – paparazzi are mostly centrally based.

Incidentally if you become famous tomorrow – trust no one. You’d be surprised how many stories and/or relatives pass along photos – it’s not just the hairdresser or doorman tipping off the paparazzi when a celebrity enters their domain. It’s less the paparazzi, celebrities should be worried about and more their so called family and friends. There is of course nothing stopping you calling up the press yourself – something that more celebrities do than most people would care to think do. Because as much as they gripe and moan about them – celebrities need the press to sell their product – themselves.

Of course some people overstep boundaries and that’s rather sad reflection on society today as a whole but I know a number of paparazzi that are kind, hard working, skilled photographers – just trying to make an honest living. I know some who are total divas who couldn’t take an in focus photo of Cameron Diaz if she stood still and posed up for them. That’s life.

I think when it comes down to it; the most important thing about fame is the effect it has on our children. In a world where people are clambering over each other to get on a reality TV show for their 15 minutes, we should be teaching our children that fame or notoriety isn’t necessary the only way to leave your mark on this world, but to have a positive affect, to make a difference however small.

On a lighter note – just to ‘show off’ and throw it down to Ruth who has an impressive list of her own, 😉 here is my list of famous and not so famous people I have spotted whilst living in Los Angeles:

David Schwimmer from Friends and his at the time girlfriend some soft porn actress at the Arc light cinema.

Jason ‘The Transporter’ Streatham and Kelly ‘Big Breakfast’ Brooke at the Arc Light cinema.

Jenna Elfman – member of the Tom Cruise cult club and sometime actress in crappy sitcoms at the Arc Light cinema.

Tim Robbins, Cuba Gooding Jr, David ‘Angel’ Borenaz, En Vogue, at a celebrity ice hockey match.

Jeff Bridges in a red convertible pulling out of a coffee shop car park on Sunset Blvd.

Lara Flynn Boyle walking down N Robertson Blvd towards The Ivy.

Vernon Troy at a Vivid Video party in a faux castle in Hollywood Hills.

Minnie Driver clothes shopping in a thrift store in Topanga Canyon.

Kristin Dunst and Tobey Maguire eating brunch at Swingers on Beverly Blvd.

Gary Oldman eating lunch at a sidewalk café in Los Feliz.

Diane Keaton driving her Jeep in West wood.

Morrissey drinking in the ‘English’ pub Cat and The Fiddle on Sunset Blvd.

Thora Herd standing out side the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood for the In Style party.

Winona Ryder in Beverly Hills court. HA!

Robbie Williams lurking outside Wolfgang Puck on Sunset / Crescent Heights.

John Taylor from Duran Duran crossing the street in Hollywood with his kids. (heart breaking)

Ewan McGregor driving a silver Porsche Spyder down Santa Monica Blvd.

Anna Nicole Smith in Santa Ana court. Twice.

Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters going up the escalators in the Beverly Center.

Melanie Griffiths driving her Merc to pick up her kids from school.

Brooke Shields walking along Santa Monica Blvd to see a play.

Ben Stiller filming Starsky and Hutch on the beach.

Kiefer Sutherland in the Smog Cutter (spoke to him and he took the piss out of me – charming).

Eric Stoltz in the gym I used to go to.

DJ aka Michael Fishman from Roseanne in the gym I used to go to.

Female baddy from Charlie’s Angels – Kelly Lynch.

‘Bailey’ aka Scott Wolf from Party of Five.

Sara Gilbert from Roseanne, etc.

Guy who plays Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s boyfriend.

‘David’ aka Johnny Galecki from Roseanne.

‘Janice’ from Friends.

Billy Crystal’s best friend in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’- the now late Bruno Kirby in the gym I used to go to.

Patrick Dempsey aka Doctor McDreamy in the gym I used to go to.

Larry Birkhead – baby daddy to Anna Nicole Smith’s kid.

Howard K Stern – sometime lawyer and BFF to Anna Nicole Smith – we shared a lift.

‘Todd’ from ‘Sweet Valley High’ TV series. Actually a friend of a friend. I totally embarrassed the crap out of him when I found out. “Dude! No Way!” etc. I am easily impressed.

Sean Maguire, yes him from Eastenders, Grange Hill, and a short lived career singing terrible UB40 style songs drinking with friends of friends in The Cat and The Fiddle on Sunset.


Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach, California, USA