Best days in are: every time I come home, plug in my iPod and crank on the tunes. It’s a good feeling. The music fills my flat with its beat. A hot shower after a long day out in the wet and cold is so comforting, washing away the dirt and grime. I hear the music as I wash, and softly look after my face, imitating the hands of my facialist. It’s the way she pats with the softest of hands. The music is on shuffle, and other times, a playlist. I have one that is entitled, “Go, Erica, Go!” Why the hell not have something that jazzes you up? Going about London to my own soundtrack is like watching my life in a music video. It’s awesome to travel that way.

But like I said, I’m home now. It’s comfortable, and neat. The radiators are on and the room’s getting warmed up. Now for a spot of tea. The electric kettle is my friend, and makes continuous litres of hot water. I am a fanatic for a good hot cup of English tea, and notice that I’m low on Tetley’s. A helping of sugar and milk, and I have love in a cup.

To answer this week’s posting challenge, days in or days out are all about setting the scene. Sometimes there’s a lot of pressure to impress the person you want to show about. My most successful days out are paced leisurely. It can be dim sum, it can be a day at the Tata Modern, it can be sitting around my kitchen nibbling on cookies and (more) tea. It can be helping a friend as she puts together her bed. I think it’s best to choose one activity and whatever others fall into one’s path, they fill up the day naturally.

Some memorable days:

  • The day I went with my friend B and her boyfriend, T. They whisked me to a remote beach I’d never been to, north of Malibu, and I sat on a blanket while the two of them swam in the ocean. I loved watching them cavort, come together, hug, kiss, and cavort some more. Meanwhile I sat under a smelly Mexican wool poncho, stoned out my gourd, gazing at the changing sky, and listening to the waves.
  • The day my friend massaged my hands, just ‘cause. It was after exhausting shifts at Bliss Spa and having someone else care for my hands felt sublime. I melted, my brain buzzing, my hands softening.
  • Running about a new part of town with someone who’s giving you their insider’s tour.
  • Being surrounded by fellow female massage colleagues, helping ourselves to wine and biscuits. As we talked, we took turns massaging each other. Imagine what a whole new level of female bonding touch brings! To share and receive, to share and give.

That’s just a few. There’s an element of serendipity in each, and that’s what I love to experience.

Erica, 34, London UK