Thanksgiving isn’t really my holiday – after all I am not American, but I do live here and relish the two days off work as well as the sentiment of the holiday. It has always struck me as a nice holiday – about giving thanks for the good things in your life and not about how much you can max out your credit cards buying material gifts of your love and devotion. This year there are a lot of things to give thanks for.

In no particular order:

Thanks to the people who devote their time to championing human rights violations like Amnesty International but also to the people who take the time out of their day to sit down and write a letter as part of Amnesty’s letter writing campaign.

Thanks to the people who take the time to be greener and recycle, reuse and reduce their carbon footprint on this world.

Thanks to the people like Humane Society of Animals and World Wildlife Fund and smaller local organizations like who fight to protect not only animals but their habitat too.

Thanks to people who donate their time and money to organisations like UNICEF and Global Action for Children corny as it may sound children really are the future and we should protect and nourish them.

Thank you to you all above for giving me hope.

Not Goth, 34. Redondo Beach, USA