As a child and pre-teen I was totally denied access to any religious ideals or fellowship by my severely practical and efficient mother.  The relationship I developed all through my early adulthood and it’s subsequent breakdown caused me a severe backlash reaction to the New Age movement.  Now in my thirties giving out a silent thanks to the Universe for all the things I’m grateful (and singing Bob Marley songs at the top of my lungs) is about as spiritual as I get.  I feel my lack of spiritualism quite poignantly at times so I do this on a regular basis.


These are the things I’ve been particularly thankful for lately:


Plain speaking people. 

That things don’t change that much around here.

I am grateful for the forces that caused me to notice the tiny newspaper add for an extremely undervalued block of land in the most perfect place I could imagine and the circumstances that allowed me to secure it as my own.

Both my kids denying the odds and being endowed with olive skin when we live in the tropical North with an extreme rated UV index.


I’m glad my robust constitution barely ever fails me.


I’m grateful that it just keeps raining here – all the swimming holes remain full, I can enjoy long showers and the kids can play under the hose.


I’m glad that my man dislikes dramas as much as I do.


I’m pretty thankful to experience the odd vaginal orgasm amid all the clitoral ones, for which I am also grateful.


I’m happy that longevity runs in the family and my kids get to hang out with their Greatgrans.


I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mum and that when I do get a days work here or there the Education Department pays me a shitload.


I’m thankful for five o’clock in the afternoon, when there’s no glare or heat and yard work is actually pleasant.


I’m thankful  for internet access giving me the chance to find out about people and Facebook for allowing me to high-five my friends from half way across the continent.


Nadine, North Queensland, Australia