i’m hoping it’s safe to post this here. i can’t post it on my personal blog because it would cause my mom to have heart palpitations at the very least.

a few weeks ago my husband and i had a conversation about our impending move. the one that is still 8 months away. we were discussing how difficult the waiting is. the kids are forming new attachments, it’s all so unknown, and we feel somewhat in limbo. fast forward to today. bh (that’s my husband – it stands for better half. ahhhh, isn’t that sweet?) calls me, he’s just come out of a meeting with his boss, and asks what i would think about moving our date up. i say sure, 8 months is quite a long time, and i’m kind of wanting to get the ball rolling. then he says, how about january? he’s talking about the january that is in about 8 weeks.

i’ve done nothing to prepare for this. i mean just 1/2 a day ago it seemed we had all the time in the world. why rush? 8 months/8 weeks – is it really all that different?

monica, 36, colorado springs (eventually thailand, maybe sooner than expected.)