November 2007


I’m thankful for my son, two and a half years old now, who lights up my life. I’m thankful that I can give him everything he needs and many things that he wants. I’m thankful that he’ll have opportunities, and that he has a family who loves him.

(By the way, this is his very first picture, taken just an hour or two after he was born.)

Helen, 34, Glenview, USA


Name THREE things that you absolutely want to do before you die. What has stopped you doing them so far? What will it take to accomplish them?  

Posting challenge idea from Amanda 

I picked this challenge (Posting Challenge #9) as my first challenge because I thought it would be easy. Now I know why it’s called a challenge. I love music, but I’ve never thought of my life as a collection of songs, and only 10 songs at that.

Here’s my mix:

1. Summer of 69, Bryan Adams – this is the year it all began, so I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song for a June baby.

2. Grease, Frankie Valli – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie, how many times I’ve quoted characters in everyday dialogue, or at how many sleepovers the Greased Lightning dance was reenacted

3. Shining Star, The Manhattans – Patrol Camp, 1979. Troy Pepper was the counselor and my first childhood crush.

4. Karma Chameleon, Culture Club – Summer, 1984 in South Hero, Vermont…boom box, Lake Champlain, synchronized swimming routine performed for family (doubles with my sister). Oh yeah!


Hanging out with me for the day would inevitably be fairly cruisey (I’m indulging in the fantasy that I’ve got no kids to supervise for the day, humour me, please!). We’d start by spreading out a picnic blanket and taking an early morning breakfast down at the “little markets” in the shady council park right on the beach. You could choose something light and healthful, maybe green coconut milk and a bag of rambutans or a mango. Or the Churchies put on a great stall with cuppas and cake if you want. You can get Thai vegetarian spring rolls and great Greek storchie. If you’re anything like me you won’t have to choose we’ll just spent a leisurely couple of hours slowly eating our way through everything in sight. If you’re interested and a little bit arty I’d suggest we fund our alfresco fresh breakfast buffet by running a kiddies face painting stall. I reckon you might enjoy transforming all those cute upturned little freckled faces into glittery butterflies and masked crusaders. (more…)

I’m so glad you could visit. I have a lot planned for today and it’s just as well you came on a day when the sun is shining! Just kidding, the sun is always shining – this is Southern California after all. I like to start early so it’s good you came at 7am – best get some coffee in you quick!

We start with a light breakfast at Polly’s on the Pier – it has been there for 18 years including surviving a massive storm. The food here may not be garnished with sprigs of parsley but it certainly tastes all right – just good old diner food in an extraordinary location. The coffee, like the service is excellent, and the ocean views are abundant! I like to go here sometimes at the weekends because it rather feels like being on holiday despite living a 5 minute walk away.


I feel that life presents so many challenges, so many hoops for us to jump through – and every time we make it through one then we have something to be thankful for.  Every night, I “count my blessings” – I list things that I am thankful for.  My children, my husband, my sister, nieces, nephew, grandmothers, parents, cat, friends, etc. I am also thankful for my creativity, my home, my internet access… and often i remind myself top be thankful for the hardships I have encountered in life, because I have gotten through them and come out a stronger, more capable person who can always look back and see that I can weather any storm that life throws my way, because I have gotten through all the rest.

Jenifer, 33, New York


You know you have a problem when you’re hanging out of your kitchen cupboard, teaspoon in one hand, jar of Nutella in the other, licking the silverware like it’s a lollypop dipped in chocolate. You don’t even have the decency to sit down to pretend you’re having a civilised snack! You’re just scooping. It’s a ritual. Like a gravedigger shovelling dirt you do it without thinking.

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