Music is one of the few things that I feel that I absolutely couldn’t live without. Having experienced pain and loss and hardship, as we all have, I have come in recent months to carefully analyze my needs versus my wants. And, while it may sound strange to some, music has emphatically landed in the ‘need’ category. I grew up in a very cultish-Christian environment, went to private school, and one of the things that was prohibited for me was music. I was not allowed to listen to any ‘secular’ (read: Not church) music. So, my exposure to music came late…and fortunately, came in a way that has shaped my life! Out of curiosity, I stopped in a music store after school when I was almost 16. I knew nothing about any of the music, and I began asking the older man who was working questions. When I explained to him the lack of music in my life, he was awed and then involved! He made it his personal mission to introduce me to “‘Real Music’ – not the crap these kids are listening to today!”. And I couldn’t have been more lucky!! Jazz, blues, rockabilly, doo-wop…this is the music that I cut my teeth on! Since then, I’ve had a passionate love affair with music, & I often imagine the soundtrack to my life as I’m doing mundane things. I love Steve Jobs & Apple for giving me iTunes & my iPod, I love and my Scrobbler, I love the internet for making available to me more music than I ever dreamed possible, & I love my 360 gig external harddrive which houses my 180 gigs of music!! I’m a very lucky girl. And thus, though it seems impossible to choose only ten, these are the songs which comprise Angie: The Mixtape. 🙂

# 10 – Moment’s Notice | John Coltrane. One of the 1st albums that I ever purchased, this song brings back memories of driving around in my car, listening to illicit music while my Grandma thought I was working & falling in love with Jazz and Music in general.

# 9 – Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes | Paul Simon. As a nanny in Florida while taking some time off from school, the couple of doctors whom I nannied for introduced me to Laser Disc, Paul Simon and JazzFest. Paul Simon will forever recall those few months of life in luxury with liberal people who really opened my eyes to how the ‘other side’ lives.

# 8 – Angie | The Rolling Stones. I was named for this song and have come to both love & hate it in my adulthood. Almost every person I’ve ever dated has sung the song at me at some point in our interaction, each one acting as if they were the most witty person to exist, which is annoying. But, at the same time, it’s nice for my name to invoke something so universal.

# 7 – Happy Phantom | Tori Amos. The beginning notes of this song always put me in a good mood and I sing along like I’m carefree & lost in clouds. I put it on the mixtape that I played to my belly when I was pregnant and would sing it to my belly. I don’t know why I love it like I do but I have since I first heard the album.

# 6 – Lover’s Rock | Sade. Sade is who I went to during my first heart-wrenching breakup and Lover’s Rock was my on-repeat song. This song makes me remember intense love and longing and the moments that I thought would never get easier and makes me know that all things ease with time.

# 5 – Baby B*tch | Ween. This was my girlfriend & mine’s favorite song off of the Ween album and we would play it and sing along while thinking that life was going to be the perfect bubble that we had created forever. Life was silly and funny and full of crazytime.

# 4 – Little Red Corvette | Prince. I love Prince as much today as I always have and this song was my jam!! I would turn the volume up and sing along and there was nothing that could make me not smile when loving the musical perfection that was Prince’s overt lyrics and awesome music behind the words.

# 3 – Strange Condition | Pete Yorn. This song, so honest and plaintative, is one that I’ve listened to thousands of times and felt some kind of way about it every time. Often, I’ve felt like my condition has been strange, I’ve felt some kind of way about the life that I’m living, and this is the song that I play. Everything about this song is perfect to me.

# 2 – The Seed (2.0) | The Roots. One of my most favorite groups of all time, this song is one of my top 3 from them. The lyrics are perfect, the music is perfect, the almost not-music at the end is perfect…I love this song and how it evolves. I used to play it on my internet radio show every week at some point and it always fit perfectly!

# 1 – Pina Colada | Rupert Holmes. My karoake song!! This song always makes me laugh and tell the story of when my friend and I karaoked twice a week. We were known in the ‘karaoke set’ and would enter competitions. We would drunkenly do our best Hall & Oates (me being Oates, lolz). It was one of the happiest time periods of my life, and this was my solo song that I did every week and was known for…this is indeed a happy song and everyone always sings along!

Angie…30, in Los{t] Angeles & still as in Love with music as I’ve ever been!