This past weekend was reminiscent of my life in Los Angeles. No, I don’t mean the drinking til all hours of the night, waking up the next day feeling like crap. I mean the feeling I get around my group of amazing friends in Los Angeles. I have slowly over the past year started to grow a community of friends here and all of that is coming to fruition lately. This weekend was filled with fun, light-heartedness and some deep discussions.

First off, I am not heading back to Los Angeles so quickly. The job that I thought I had nailed to the ground, fell through. Life goes on, and Stacy applies for more jobs here in Chicago. I found a great gig working for a company who produces Webinars for the Financial Sector. This is definitely more up my alley and I am looking forward to working hard and becoming passionate about my work again. Although the past six months have been an extremely tough time financially, I have enjoyed my coworkers and have made some great friends who I will definitely keep in touch with after my last day tomorrow.

Anyway, Friday started out by finding out I had this new job and happily skipping into the Managers office and letting my boss know that I was outta there. I thought about staying on part-time, but knew that I need to have my life back for now (Oh yeah, the new job has hours of 8-4!!!!!)

I skipped out of there and headed back to the city to experience the lovely spitting (spoken word) of the lovely ladies called Sister Spit. Michelle Tea and her crew came back again for a night of funny words and pictures too! This is a little video that was taken at the event by yours truly. The ladies decided some impromptu dance moves were in order:

Afterwards, we tried to go to this little divey bar called Simons but for some reason, it was actually packed. We then decided to check out Mary’s Attic and hung out there for a little bit. It was a cute little bar, and had a nice little stage in which my new friend Marie commented that it would be a great place for a burlesque show. Of course, the girls were silly and started actually dancing on the stage. Here’s a pic of everyone looking at the pics of us acting goofy:


I was running around work for most of the day like a chicken with her head cut off. I sold three cars and barely made it out of there to meet up with Ronit at the Chicago Hilton. She invited me to be her “date” for the Howard Brown gala. Howard Brown is a health center in Chicago which focuses on the GLBT Community. This was their annual fundraiser, and since Ronit was a sponsor, she was able to bring me along! It was a lovely event. Lots of masks and fancy gay boys (at $300 a pop you didn’t see too many lesbians.)

Mel, her date and Ronit

Our new lesbian sorority sisters!

Christine and me

We bumped into people we knew (my friend Christine for instance who was sitting at our table!!); and new peeps like the lesbian sorority that was volunteering for the event. The evening was decadent and amazing. It was held in the ballroom where the Gay Games held their dancing competitions last summer. This was the second time that I have been in the Hilton since the games and all of the memories from last summer came flooding back. The agony, insanity and pure rush of working on an event for seven days straight. I can’t say if I would ever torture myself like that again, but it was definitely an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.


I was blessed with meeting an amazing group of women this summer while playing softball. One of my friends on the team, Ms. Pam, invited me to hang out on the beautiful Sunday afternoon at an exhibit called Niki in the Garden . It was this beautiful collection of sculptures by the late Niki de Saint Phalle who worked on these amazing beings until she passed. Many of her sculptures were called “Nanas” which were these voluptuous goddesses. Pam and I both mentioned how it was interesting how she celebrated the curvy ladies, since Niki used to be a model in the 50’s. It was an absolutely beautiful day and afterwards, I brought Pam to my favorite little hangout called Sultans Market. My friend Nadine introduced me to this find a few months ago and I haven’t stopped raving about it since. $3 falafel sandwiches! You can’t beat it!

Pam & Me:

Some Nanas:

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