I am one of the few people I know that has her own internal music score to life. It’s constantly playing and continuously evolving. The songs might be altered for pure entertainment or in response to changing situations. I have no idea where some of these songs spring from, and when they get unlocked from my mental vault it seems to be completely at random. Sometimes I am only able to recall one or two lines that fit a given moment. (One day I found myself jumping around the living room singing ‘I was born in West L.A.’ instead of ‘in the USA’. I really can’t tell you why. That’s just the way the spirit moved me.) Sometimes its not a song at all that accompanies me, but a sound, an imagined movement. This little known fact about me is something I usually keep to myself since people around me would think I am crazier than the cat lady with her 50 cats. Yet for some reason I feel the need to admit it here.

For example, after a fitful night of sleep I had to be up early for an appointment. I really did not want to be getting up. As is my usual habit, I drug myself out of bed and looked out the window, noting there was a layer of frost covering everything and meaning I would have to go out into the cold early to scrape ice from my windshield. Slowly, the sound of intergalactic ooze started in my head as I shuffled past my bed; slurp slach schmacka schlecka schlep, as if my feet were moving through sticky blob like goo. One sip of coffee, however, and I immediately brightened up, and started singing Johnny Nash’s “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone”. And as if going to get injections in your back for pinched nerves is the most pleasurable thing in the world: “It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day”. Oh yeah, bring it on baby!

These episodes make me laugh, and I have often been asked why I seem so happy all the time. My usual answer is “I’m just happy”, which is true, but some might agree I’m legally insane. I really don’t care either way. I think more people could really benefit from my own private jokes and personal soundtrack. Regardless, because of this madness I have been thinking quite a bit about the mixed tape posting challenge. For quite sometime I thought that since there were so many inexplicable sounds and random songs there was no possible way for me to come up with a mixed tape. But then I thought, well, every movie has a soundtrack, right? So what are the songs I would I put on my soundtrack to market with the rest of my merchandise? (Yes, the idea of ‘Amis the Famous’ movie merchandise did really cross my mind.) So after pondering for weeks and agonizing over tossing out great artists like Aretha Franklin, J.J. Cale and Patsy Cline, here is what I came up with for the ‘Amis the Famous’ soundtrack.

‘That’s Life’ and ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra

Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s punk rock version of ‘The Rainbow Connection’, although it’s great when sung by Kermit the Frog as well.

‘Franklin’s Tower’ and ‘Scarlet Begonias’, both by The Grateful Dead

‘Nothing I Can Do About it Now’, Willie Nelson

‘You Don’t Know Me’, Ray Charles

‘Less Conversation’, Elvis

‘Lost Again’, Dance Hall Crashers

‘Keep On Movin’, Bob Marley

‘Smiley Faces’, Gnarls Barkley

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, Brian Setzer

‘Buried Myself Alive’, The Used

And the bonus track: ‘Blueberry Pie’, sung by Bette Midler on a little known children’s tape called ‘In Harmony’. It has been my favorite song since I was eight, and I can still sing every word of it.

Amy, 33, Germany.