As a Jewish person, my adult life has been lived with me being very aware of the subtle and not-so-subtle Racism that is prevalent in our world. Unfortunately for me, there is a large group of people who – when they see me – see only someone who shares their skin hue and assume, based on this perceived commonality, that I will share their views and so feel comfortable disparaging whatever minority group their tirade is about to me.

Because it has happened this way, the vast majority of my friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/lovers have been ‘obvious’ minorities. Those who have suffered racist actions in their life far beyond what I personally know.

One of my dear friends was on the first bus on kids taken to the first desegregated school in Detroit. When she and her classmates got off of the bus, they were met with eggs being hurled at them by the White parents of their new classmates. The love of my life was passed over multiple times for a partnership that had been promised to him at his company, where he attained his position after getting a PhD in Finance from a great school, because they had never made a Black person a partner and even though they had promised him as part of his package that at a certain level he would be the first, they changed their mind. Many of my friends suffer from racism in ways that are ridiculous and so infuriating to me.

I have always been a person that speaks my mind and tries to change what I see as injustice and wrong in my world. I am the woman who has spoken out to my rich bosses when they made racist comments around me and assumed I shared their viewpoints. I am the person who, when given control of HR at my company, turned from a White-owned and staffed business to one with employees of every ethnic background. I am a person who at least tries. I think that one person *can* make a difference, because I’ve made a difference in my surroundings. And I think that making a difference in our surroundings has a ripple effect. I speak up when people use racist language around me. I see it as my personal responsibility to spread my viewpoints and to do it louder, bigger, and more intelligently than those who are disseminating hate.

A lot of times I feel that things are changing. That maybe, just maybe, this world isn’t as bad as some say it is, and that people are inherently good. Sometimes I think that people have the views that they do out of ignorance and that they are willing to be exposed to truths which will negate that ignorance. And then, I see things like this clip of Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry being interviewed about Why Did I Get Married? and I see the blatant disrespect and racist attitude that is accepted and encouraged on such a big stage and I realize that maybe things aren’t changing in the World. Maybe I have just made *my world* a bubble.

And maybe that is what we’re supposed to do. Maybe it’s all that we can do. I don’t know. But I know that it infuriates me to no end. And it hurts me. And it makes me tired. But, I know that I still keep trying to spread my views and thoughts and opinions, I keep trying to counter the hate. Maybe that is what is making me tired…so much effort with so few results.

But, if you watch the video and feel, as I do, that the way that these African-American professionals were treated disrespectfully and in a way that their white counterparts would not have been (has JT been lambasted for his part in all of this? Are people still bringing it up to him 4 Years Later when he is doing press for his new album or new tour?), then you can do what I have done. You can put your fingers to the keys to let these people, and their bosses and counterparts, know that this is unacceptable to you. The affiliate station that did the press is owned by CBS. You can email the General Manager of the station at & you can email the most blatant one (Mark S. Allen, on the far right in the video) at You can also share your opinion with Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS, at:
Mr. Leslie Moonves
President & CEO
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 975-2824
Fax: (212) 975-6766

I and hundreds of my friends and associates have already emailed…and received a stock response saying that the action taken upon receiving our complaints was a ‘reassessment’ of the journalists’ behavior. That’s it. So now I’m emailing Mr. Moonves to let him know that I will be sharing this story with the roughly 11,000 people a day who view my webpage and asking them to boycott CBS due to their tolerance of racism and unprofessional standards at affiliate stations, because these representatives for CBS clearly acted with a lack of consequence belief, knowing that there would be no repercussions for their behavior. And that clearly they were right, because the last time I checked, ‘reassessing’ someone’s actions wasn’t a consequence.

I encourage you to do the same. I hope that even though I feel that it’s impossible at times, maybe we really can change the World.

Angie, 30 in Los{t} Angeles