I went to see a band last weekend – John Columbus.

I haven’t been to see a band in ages. (I even got asked for ID at the door! The drinking age in Oz in 18!) Anyway, as I found myself looking at clean carpet, in a smoke free venue, with a bunch of very well behaved 18-20 somethings, it made me miss the concerts of my 18-20 something years.

You know, the ones where your shoes stick to the floor from spilled beer, and your clothes and hair stink of cigarette smoke when you get home. I remember seeing going to concerts and being moved to almost front centre by the rest of the crowd’s sheer pushing and shoving. And people being rowdy and loud and certainly not well behaved. Even at the most mellow of concerts I remember the drunks and the memorable stink of being in a bar/club.

Maybe it was just this concert – or have things mellowed? And cleaned up? And become more well-behaved?

Melissa, 35, Sydney