I actually got out of the house last night to take in a rock show with a few of my favorite people in the world. My friend Kelly, Jenny (my roomie from college and now) and her boyfriend Sean.
We went to this new place down in the South Loop called Reggies Live to see a band that Kelly adores (and so do we, but Kelly knows the world about them) called The Plastic Constellations.

I remember going to see them a couple of years ago at a place here in the city that is now defunct. It was May of 2005 and I was in the process of deciding if I was moving back to Chicago. It’s ironic that I saw them as I am planning my exit (which now has been delayed until next Summer.)

Kelly and Jenny are my punk rock goddesses. We all met at a little college radio station down in Southern Illinois and became fast friends. We spent our college years discussing who was the best new band, traveling great distances (to St. Louis) to see our favorite bands at places like Mississippi Nights and Ciceros, and blending into Carbondale’s small but very energetic music scene.

None of us belonged to a sorority per se, but I think the lot of us from the radio station formed our own little secret society. If you didn’t know who sang the latest track off of _____ artist’s latest album than you were not too cool for school! I have a scene in a screenplay that I am writing on those days about two of the guys that we knew. They used to sit there for hours and recite lyrics back and forth to each other at the Corner Diner. They would guffaw loudly if the other couldn’t figure out the song. Hours would go by, we would all be studying furiously for a test and one of them would spout out another lyric. You could always see the smug look on this guy’s face as his co-hort struggled to keep up. It was amusing to say the least.

Last night ended with a trip to corner pizza place. Jenny was cracking us up because she was quite toasty and doing a little jig outside with her cig while we finished up with our pizza. As I walked outside to grab her and save her from falling into the street, we walked to my car so we could pick up Kelly and Sean. On our way, this drunk walked right up to us and asked us if we wanted to have a threesome with him. I grabbed Jenny before she could make a smart-ass comment and we cracked up all the way to the car.
Stacy Jill, 34, Chicago,IL