After reading through your bio’s and entries and learning of everybody’s accomplishments, careers, experiences and travel, I think I might be completely under-qualified for a thirty-three year old . But I am. And very glad to be joining you here I might add. Thanks for including me!

My part of the world is two acres in a hilly little rainforest estate a few minutes drive inland from one of North Queensland’s glorious beaches. I also have a great block of land up the road a bit, near a beautiful fresh water creek. It’s a green and luscious part of the world – still recovering from the battering that tropical cyclone Larry gave us a couple of years back – but slowly returning to its former glory.

It’s a very laid-back place to live – so much natural beauty and native wildlife. I love that my kids are growing up in this area – just like I did. I love road trips and I’d love to travel more somewhere down the track but I’ve got the feeling that even if I went all over the world I wouldn’t find a place I’d rather be. Anyway I’m very intrigued by these challenges so I might cut straight to it! Here goes: My life as a mixed tape.

The first couple of tracks would have to be representative of my very first memories – Mum and Dad in their matching kaftans, polished wooden floors and beaded partitions, eating melted Cadbury chocolate with a teaspoon, a fascination with guitar plectrums, snuggling up on a beanbag watching The Lone Ranger. It’d have to be something my folks use to listen to when I was a little girl maybe “California Dreaming” by the Mamas and the Papas. Or “Horse with No Name” by America.

The second track would be devoted to this time as well but more likely something that represents their sudden divorce. Probably Max Merritt and the Meteors “Slipping Away” would suffice.

Next would come a couple of tracks that I loved to sing out loud in the rusted out old bombs we use to drive around in – Mum and Pep (my Mums then man and my brothers dad) all lovey-dovey in the front and us kids half delirious on exhaust fumes in the back. Songs like “Mellow Yellow” (I called my dolly Safron), or “Golden Brown” by the Stranglers (I still love that song!) And some of the ones I remember dancing to with all the cousins on our holidays back to Gladstone “Horror Movie” by The Skyhooks or “Jesse’s Girl”.

Michael Jackson would definitely come next to signify my pre-pubescence: “Wanna Be Starting Something”, “Smooth Criminal” or “Billie Jean”. I was a fan.

The rollercoaster through the awkwardness and regret of my experience of puberty and loosing my virginity would have to be marked with The Cure’s “Killing an Arab”, The Clash’s “London’s Burning” and Split Endz “My Mistake”. (Very telling.)

Drinking and smoking way too much through my mid teens would call for something tragic like “The End” by The Doors, “The Blue Mask” by Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties”.

My hitchhiking years would have to be marked with something to epitimise the grunge era – Temple of the Dog’s “Reach Down” I think. Or something off the soundtrack to The Crow. Plus there would definitely have to be something sad and beautiful like Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” to signify my relationship at the time.

With my first born son I was very sensitive to the music he overheard so Rage Against the Machine was turned off and on went Johnny Cash. “Orange Blossom Special” would definitely make it on the mixed tape.

I developed big love for Nick Caves ballads in my mid twenties so a few of his would go down next. Something dirty and edgy like “Red Right Hand”,something infinitely beautiful like “Love Letter” and “God is in the House” – something just plain smart.

Then along came Greg and the renewal of my nightlife so I’d add “Freestyler” for my club days and Craig David’s “Fill Me In” for Greg and my introduction to soppy R&B. Plus I’d definitely have to include “Easy like Sunday Morning” I’ve always loved Faith No More but it wasn’t until Greg came along that I realized it was a Lionel Ritchie song!

Lastly I’d add a track from Foo Fighters’ acoustic album as a reminder of my pegnancy with Anakin. And The Killers “Where the White Boys Dance” coz The Killers is all we listen too around here lately.

“Across the Night” by Silverchair would be my encore track!

Nadine, 33, North Queensland, Australia