Since I have no “claim to fame” per se, I will have to blog on my famous person encounter instead, and live vicariously once again through whatever brief excitement it brings to my life. Several years ago (actually, come November, a decade ago) I was working as a political field representative for our Democrat gubernatorial candidate. In a small Midwestern state like South Dakota everyone knows that Democrats don’t have a chance in heck of getting elected to the governor’s mansion, but the idealist in us all requires that we try, right?

Bill Clinton was president during this period, and our small-state senator, Tom Daschle, was pretty chummy with him. He convinced the president to hold a small invite-only fundraiser in D.C. to raise money for our candidate.

I had just started working for the campaign so wasn’t really on the list for a paid visit, but was invited to go to the fund raiser. After a whirlwind 3 days of trying to do anything I could to make arrangements to go (I was also a college student so poor as dirt) I finally got a friend’s, sister’s co-worker’s buddy pass ticket. In other words, I’d paid for the right to sit at the airport and hope that the flight wasn’t too full to get me in!

After spending hours with lay-overs and travel I finally got to D.C., took the city transit as close to the hotel as I could, and arrived just in time to get changed in a friend’s hotel room (I was also sleeping on the floor in her room that night, now THAT’s friendship huh!) and run down to the event. Several metal detectors and inspections later I’m finally in “the room” where the president will be!

He finally shows up, gives his speech and then it becomes obvious that he is going to walk down the roped off area and shake hands with some of the people there. Being right in front I couldn’t believe I was going to shake hands with the president!!! I fervently began thinking about all the smart, intelligent, amazing things I could say to the most important and powerful man in the free world.

It seemed like eternity but he finally got to me and immediately I realized just how tall the man was! TV just does not do justice to a person’s height. By this point I’m blurting some foolish words that now I can’t even remember… something about “I’m working on the campaign, I’m from South Dakota.. I’m a total idiot”. What I do remember, however, was his looking down at me and immediately rolling his eyes to the back of his head and looking straight to the back of the room. It wasn’t until later that I realized, from his height, and given the nature of the outfit I was wearing, he must have seen just a bit more than he wanted a camera to capture on film!!

So I wonder, if you are accidentally “viewed” in a precarious manner by someone famous, does that, by default, make you famous too? I mean, I certainly couldn’t call myself Monica (thank goodness for that) but still? I have photos of the “handshake” with my back to the camera, I wonder if that, and my honest Midwest demeanor, would get me a star on one of those Hollywood sidewalks??

Roxanne, 39, South Dakota.