1st Degree. My boyfriend’s best friend’s sister and her boyfriend are both actors. Both of them are lovely people – incredibly down to earth and sweet – so lord knows what they are doing in that industry. Regardless – the boyfriend Jordan Belfi, is in the new TV show Moonlight – rather good it is too.

2nd Degree. one of the principle cast of the Moonlight show is Sophia Myles.

3rd Degree. who is dating David Tennant who plays Doctor Who.

4th Degree. whose co-star in Doctor Who was Billie Piper who had an uncredited role Evita which starred Madonna.

5th Degree. who was married to Sean Penn who starred in the 2003 movie Mystic River which co-starred.. *drum roll please*

6th Degree. Kevin Bacon.

(Actually I have a quicker link but that didn’t link to the wonderful David Tennant.. my friend Paul used to buy his kids’ pet food at the same store as Kevin Bacon did in NYC and they used to chat occasionally)

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