I have a few peeps in my family that have done some cool stuff… original reality show participant back in the day… a few writers that have written biographies on some famous people… but since I am currently in Chicago, I thought it might be nice to highlight my family here. The Jacobs clan have had a long history here in Chicago. First with our baking company, Castle Baking. In it’s heydey (in the 60s-70s), Castle was one of the largest distributor of baked goods in the area. I remember as a child, terrorizing the plant workers by jumping up and down on the lifts, climbing into the pickup trucks, and grabbing fresh dough and making my own little dolls.

I’ll never forget Rosh Hashannah as a child. My grandfather would have one of the drivers pull up to his house in Skokie with a truck filled with Challah. Every year, we would pass out hundreds of loafs to the community. It was one of my favorite times of the year and I always loved to help my grandparents. They meant the world to me.


Another part of our past here in Chicago has to do with my Great Uncle Bernie. I believe my grandfather was also part of this little story in a way by helping fund Uncle Bernie and Aunt Rita’s dream to build a radio station. Here is a little blurb from Wikipedia about WFMT :

WFMT is a fine arts and classical music FM radio station in Chicago, Illinois. The station is managed by Window To The World Communications, Inc., the same parent company which runs WTTW, one of Chicago’s two PBS affiliated stations. WFMT is also the flagship station of the WFMT Radio Network, and the Beethoven and Jazz Satellite Networks.

WFMT is unique in only having one period in its history of over fifty years of ever broadcasting any commercial advertising that was pre-recorded (by non-hosts). The policy to broadcast pre-recorded commercials was unpopular, and was soon reverted back to the old policy: Only WFMT Program Hosts (announcers) read any commercial advertising on the air.

WFMT’s programs can be heard through their satellite services, or syndication, internationally. The station’s programming is available online as well: For a period of time it was a free audio stream, and was then unavailable for a time, pending a Library of Congress / Copyright Office ruling on Internet music and compensation to musicians. As of 2004, the station’s programming became available again on the Internet, for a fee.

WFMT was founded in its classical music/fine arts format on December 13th, 1951 by Bernard and Rita Jacobs. They began with eight hour a day broadcasts (3-11 PM), with Bernard serving as the station’s engineer, and Rita as the station’s announcer. The station’s original position was 105.9 MHz, and had the call letters WOAK until January, 1951.
Norman Pellegrini returns (having worked for the station at various times in 1950 and 1951), becoming Program Director in 1953, and holding the position until being fired in 1996. Mike Nichols, who was a student at the University of Chicago at the time, joined the station in 1952. Mike started the station’s famous weekly program, “The Midnight Special,” in 1953.
Programming is expanded to 18 hours per day.
Studs Terkel begins a weekly program on the station, which eventually becomes a weeknight program, until his retirement from the station almost fifty years later.


So there you go. . . a little history on my dad’s side of the family. 🙂