This past weekend, I flew out to Los Angeles to attend the Wedding ceremony of some friends. The setting was perfect (Malibu), the bridesmaids looked beautiful, and so did the Brides.

Yes, I said Brides.

This was my first Lesbionic wedding, the first of many I am sure to come in the next few years as my friends and hopefully myself become partnered.

The wedding was held on the beach in front of the beautiful Sunset restaurant in Malibu. I walked up to my friend J’s side of the guests and started crying (I’m a big ole sap.) It was so amazing to see some of my closest friends gathered in such a beautiful place.

As the wedding commenced, I was like a super shutterbug. My camera is not the best in the world, but it took some amazing photos that day! The expressions of love that were on these two’s faces was not to be denied.

B’s dad was the officiant and he said some beautiful things about both of them and what really struck me was his declaration that this wasn’t about the legality of this union, but it was truly about the love and commitment that my two friends have towards one another.

I think that is what I truly feel is the meaning that is lost with all of these right-wingers who claim that they are “christian”. Isn’t it Christian of you to love one another and treat people with respect? All people? All my friends did was commit themselves to each other and declare that love and commitment in front of their closest friends and family. They weren’t out to “hurt your children”, “hurt the sancity of marriage” or any of the other crap that I have seen in the media over the past few years. These were two women who have found that special spark that everyone seeks to find in another human being. You could feel the radiance coming off of them throughout the evening. It was absolutely beautiful.

StacyJill, 34, Chicago