i can’t believe it… he hasn’t said it, but i’m fairly certain my 13 year old has his first crush. at least the first one that i’m aware of. she’s 13. they go to school together, our families go to church together and our families are good friends. he mentions her casually in conversation – and not in a she gets on my nerves kind of way. it’s very sweet. after church this morning all the kids were on the play ground and i stood in the window and watched them walk around the basketball court together talking. very absorbed in whatever important conversation they were having and totally oblivious to what was going on around them. reminded me of 13. of innocent crushes. of first dipping my toe into boy/girl relationships. of being hurt. and now being able to look back very fondly on those bittersweet memories because i hadn’t given too much of myself. for a mom it’s a little sad. he’s my oldest. the first to move into this territory. i know the other two won’t be far behind. in reality it will be years and in the day to day of it all it will feel longer, but in the big picture it will have happened in the blink of an eye.

Monica (the mom of a boy who is growing up), 36, Colorado Springs