my life in 10 songs…

1) Neil Diamond – “Porcupine Pie” When we were kids my brothers and i would take our poor dog, Lady, pretend to cook her in my play oven and act out this song for my parents. It’s one of those happy sibling memories in what seems like an ocean of not so happy sibling memories.

2) Duran Duran – “Hungry Like the Wolf” I was in jr. high when this song came out and it was a big deal. If I was ever gonna skip school the day this song was released would have been the day. My best friend and I ran home from school hoping to hear this song as early as possible.

3) Wham! – “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)” My last year in jr. high and my first concert at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, TX.

4) Bruce Springsteen “I’m On Fire” I was a freshman in high school when this song came out and I loved it and felt a little dirty for listening, too.

5 & 6) Depeche Mode “Lie to Me” & “Somebody” I listened to this over and over, also my freshman year of high school. My first boyfriend had broken up with me – and I was certain he was my true love (aren’t we dumb at 15.)

7) OMD “The Pacific Age” This song reminds me of the first time in my life that the pressure to do what my parents wanted caused me to make a decision I really, really didn’t want to – but the desire to please them and keep the peace at home was greater.

8.) Rod Stewart “Forever Young” This was our Senior Class song. Reminds me of prom and the end of high school.

9) Frank Sinatra “It Had To Be You” From the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack. This was the movie my husband and I saw on our first non date.

10) Anna Nalick “Breathe (2AM)” Reminds me of a friend and a bad situation I contributed greatly to. All too recent and raw.

Monica, 36, Colorado Springs