Seeing as how I’m a relationship blogger for the Seattle P-I, I thought I’d think about what Relationship Stuff I would banish to Room 101. Here’s what I came up with:

1) That weird mind habit I have of noticing the dreadfully charming Mr. Right’s [dirty laundry, dried coffee cups, unread mail, shoes in the foyer, kitchen mess, obscure place he set his wallet] but being oblivious to my own. Actually, I don’t mind noticing where he set his wallet; in about ten minutes I’ll be delivering it to him at his office. Would that he could tell me where my keys were some mornings…

2) In a related vein, any sort of knee-jerk blame I attribute to Mr. Right (or anyone else for that matter), particularly for things he’s blameless about. Pointless negative thoughts, needless negative energy, drain drain drain.

3) That full-body exhaustion (akin to but not the same as the dread that comes before exercising) that happens after a long day, before an early morning, on weeknights, when contemplating sex. We’re ALWAYS pleased (quite literally now aren’t we?) when we overcome that tiredness, so why don’t we just deliver that exhaustion to Room 101, and go on about our happy sex lives.

4) That garage door of defensiveness that threatens to lower when Mr. R and I argue. It’s big and loud and bulky–very hard to see around or through–and it just gets in the way of clear, open communication. So tear that defensiveness down. Out with it. To the junk heap with you. (‘Course, now everyone will be able to see that our garage doesn’t house a sexy Porsche, but rather a pile of junk so in-navigable that Captain Cook would run aground. Ah well…)

Woops! I have to cut this short.

If you have any other Relationship Stuff to send to Room 101, by all means…

Oh, and I blogged about this at Happily Even After, too, linking back here of course. And it occurred to me that it would be cool if we could categorize all the responses to each challenge, so readers could view posts that way as well. Dear Blog Moderators, would that be possible? Just an idea…

Janna, aka Happily Even After, 35, Seattle